Review: OneOdio Pro-M Hybrid Headphone – 85 hours of use

Review: OneOdio Pro-M Hybrid Headphone - The OneOdio Pro-M is a very pleasant hybrid headphone that provides roughly good operating time with its 85 hours.
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Review: OneOdio Pro-M Hybrid Headphone –We’ve already published a review of OneOdio A30 headphones and now we’ve done so again, scrutinizing the hybrid headphones called the Pro-M. It is a hybrid, i.e., a headset that can work with bluetooth in wireless mode, but you can plug in the included cable + microphone at any time and you can use it with a cable. You won’t believe it, but we could actually squeeze 85 hours of operating time out of it wirelessly!

Profile of OneOdio

Yizhao Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that has been in existence for 10 years and is present in the market of audio products, which mainly means headphones. As usual, I had a brand name, this is OneOdio (you mean: audio pronounced almost odio).

The main product categories are:

  • wired headphones
  • wireless and hybrid (wired + wireless) headphones
  • ANC (active noise canceling) sound stuff

The company also takes its European presence seriously, so products can be ordered from a European warehouse.


Fit Type Over-Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired; Bluetooth
Fit Type Over-Ear
Item Dimensions 17.00 x 14.00 x 10.50 cm
Boxed-product Weight 440 g grammes
Special Features Supreme Comfort: Ergonomic designed avoid causing any hurt to your ears.; Compatible With: iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android and other audio devices. High-quality sound, supreme durability

OneOdio Pro-M Hybrid Headphone Box, contents

It came in a typical OneOdio box that is still tasteful.

The box included:

  • the headphones
  • charging cable
  • jack plug cables
  • splitter
  • microphone
  • bag
  • some paper


As usual from OneOdio, they have now added a bag that represents the usual good quality.


We didn’t have to be disappointed with the quality either, we got a good quality headphone again. Its use of materials is good and there is no trace of any of the things typical of typical cheap headphones (though that’s not exactly expensive either).

One of the typical problems in the cheaper categories is that the headband wears out over time and then breaks, but here you don’t have to be afraid of that because it’s made of flexible steel. There is a part that can be pulled out so you can adjust the size, which makes it small for the smallest and larger for the largest.

The characteristic OneOdio design or the imitation vinyl record can be observed on the outer cover of the speakers.

In the case of the Pro-M, the quality of the headband was also monitored, so a sufficiently thick layer of sponge was placed on the inside, which was soft and comfortable. As usual, in addition to the strap part, there is a sewn-on design part made of imitation leather with the name of the manufacturer.

There is a clearly visible LR inscription on the inside (left-right)

The ear pads are quite soft and comfortable, covering an ear of average size. Expressed in numbers, this appears to have a diameter of approx. It has 9.5 centimeters, or circular ear cushions. The same within approx. 4.6 cm.

The lining is 1.7 cm thick and greatly reduces external noise, and even when placed on the head, you can barely hear anything from the headphones.

They were given a faux leather cover that is soft, looks very good, but can be sweaty in the long run, even in an air-conditioned place. Of course, this is true for all headphones that have a closed design.

And in my insidious opinion, the Pro-M’s ear pads are soft, yet they’re not the softest and feel a bit like they’re not memory foamy, they’ve got a cheaper sponge in them, but that doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable or that it hurts your ears. And I declare this so that I have a picky ear for cattle, if something is uncomfortable, I take it off almost instantly, I don’t suffer with it, but in this case I used it smoothly for hours, without any bad feelings.

It weighs only 258 grams in total, without a cable.

What can it be used for?

As it is a hybrid headphone, it can be used with anything that allows you to connect headphones via a 3.5mm jack or bluetooth:

  • phone
  • tablet
  • console
  • laptop
  • computer

Plus, it can be used as a headset, cable, or even a standard headset with a jack splitter.

Use with bluetooth in wireless mode

We basically tried it with a phone that sounded good enough, it didn’t drop the bluetooth connection once in a while, so we couldn’t say a word about it. In the case of a computer, it generated some whispering, which is not loud or disturbing, but still weird, but it could even be a fault of the USB bluetooth receiver, because there was no such problem with the phone and no cable, so it is certain that there is no problem with headphones.

On the left side of the headphones is the part of the charger, and on the right side are the buttons for control, volume down and up, scrolling, stop-start.

It should be mentioned that you can connect to two devices at the same time, which would be advantageous because you could be connected to one computer and one phone at the same time. Switching between the two is automatic if you stop playback on one and start it on the other. But unfortunately, something is wrong with the computer, the sound is stuttering. On the phone, however, is good.

Can be charged via standard microUSB connector. Its buttons are not very loud when pressed and can be pressed comfortably

Used with cable

Unfortunately, with the Pro-M, you simply don’t have the option to get rid of the microphone part, which isn’t necessarily a big deal, so you can fold your microphone to the side and it won’t even be in your line of sight. On the plus side, however, it can be used in cable mode at any time when discharged, so you don’t have to charge your headphones to use it. Oh yeah, when used with a cable, it didn’t generate any whisper even on a computer. Your cable usually has volume control, microphone mute, music stop and start buttons.

It is useful to mute the microphone with the click of a button

Bluetooth delay

Wireless systems, such as bluetooth, are characterized by a delay, as it takes some time for the signal to get to the right place, but we are now there that the delay can be so small that it is not annoying, acceptable. This is also true for the Pro-M headphones and that’s why it’s a good choice for movies and is so small for games that it’s no longer distracting. Typically, shots tend to show how much the sound is delayed, but here it is small (tested with bluetooth 5 phones).


The headset has two microphones, one built-in that you can use with a bluetooth connection, which gives a better phone quality, and the other microphone is located on the cable, which also comes with a jack splitter.

The microphone and headphones are also separate from the computer that can be used with the splitter. When used with a cable, it gives the typical OneOdio quality, which means it is perfectly suitable for average use.

Sound quality

This is what the manufacturer promises:

Premium 50mm neodymium speaker – Enjoy superb, balanced sound and maximum comfort. Large 50mm speakers combined with neodymium magnets deliver powerful bass, clear vocals and sharp, high-pitched sounds for a perfect, balanced sound.

To which, again, we can say that it is completely true, it gives a very good sound, which is perhaps the best as it is capable of strong bass, but the sound of the base will not be “box” or “bucket”, so it is so dull, weird. Of course, the service of bass sounds a bit on its entire sound, but it also fits well with music that, while requiring bass, also has the presence of high and mid-frequency sounds – and so that even smaller, finer details are not lost.


His bass beats prominently again. In general, it works well for electronic music. But it’s also especially enjoyable for softer, higher tones. Of course, it doesn’t disappoint with less soft music either

Sounding with games

Although I couldn’t complain about it, I had to get used to the sound after the Sennheiser HD360 Pro, here and there the sounds were a little weird in the case of Apex, but after getting used to it, it didn’t show up anymore. But this cannot be blamed as a negative, as there is not just a single sound.

Sounds like movies

Its sound is balanced enough to be fully enjoyable in movies as well (action movies obviously).

Operating time, battery

The manufacturer took the figure pretty seriously when it decided that the Pro-M would be a hybrid headphone, equipping it with a 1,200mAh battery that promises 80 hours of operation. However, this is not just a promise from the manufacturer, we have tried, tested, measured with a stopwatch. It went through the earpiece at about 50% volume and produced 85 hours of operating time – so just think about it, if you have 12 hours a day on your head, you can still use it for 7 days on a single charge which is pretty rough! Not to mention an average of a few hours of daily use…

OneOdio Pro-M Hybrid Headphone – Conclusion

The OneOdio Pro-M is a very pleasant hybrid headphone that provides roughly good operating time with its 85 hours, which makes it stand out strongly in its price range. And it’s also an extra to hybrid the stuff, so it can be used with or without a cable.

There can be no complaint about its sound, so we can confidently say that it is again a recommended headphone, especially for so much money. And your microphone is no exception in wired and bluetooth mode.

Perhaps the only minor drawback we could blame on him is that his ear pads are not the extra soft memory foam design, but made of an average sponge. But here we should also add that it is not uncomfortable, it only gives a user level one level down. Which, of course, is understandable somewhere, since everything else is a headphone that stands out from a price range, so it had to be taken back somewhere for the low price.

Or, if you connect to two devices at the same time (eg telephone, computer), there is something wrong with the sound coming from the computer, so this function may be lost.