HomeCinemaMagazine is an online magazine with the latest news and extensive reviews about new HomeCinemaMagazine products, applications and platforms. In addition, we give advice for the purchase of smart home products, you can contact us for tips for setting up and using HomeCinemaMagazine products and we offer a platform where HomeCinemaMagazine users can ask and answer questions.

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For contact with the editors, you can send an e-mail to:  info [at] smarthomemagazine .net
By means of e-mail no answer is given to questions regarding the setting up or purchase of smart home products. You can place these questions in our FAQ.

Advertising: Advertising on is possible in various ways, and in various formats.

Do you have interesting news? HomeCinemaMagazine does not post press releases one-to-one on the website, but uses press releases to write interesting articles for visitors. Press releases and other editorial documents can be sent directly to:  info [at]

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