OneOdio A30 Bluetooth headphones with active ambient noise cancellation

Review: OneOdio A30 Bluetooth Headphone is highly recommended with active sound suppression and the battery life for 2 days
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Review: OneOdio A30 Bluetooth headphones  –  Today  I am going to present a review of Bluetooth headphones from the OneOdio brand, the A30 model. However, I must say at the outset that I did not have high expectations of them. The reason is that this is a completely unknown company for me. However, I must say that I was surprised in a positive sense. So far, I’ve been a big fan of Tronsmart, which I consider to be “Xiaomi” in the world of headphones – great performance combined with an attractive price. After my experience with the OneOdio brand, I wouldn’t be afraid to compare it to Xiaomi anyway.

The first surprise that will please right after unpacking the headphones

The first surprise that really pleased me right after unpacking the headphones was the stand. To be honest, I have not yet come across the fact that the manufacturer has packed a stand with the headphones , and several headphones of this type have passed through my hands in the last year. Among other things, the package also included a reinforced bag with imitation leather, which is used to carry headphones, which are very compact, by the way. 

Of course, the headphones themselves, a charging adapter, a reduction for connecting headphones via a 3.5mm output , and a few instructions that you will probably never open , were included in the package . 

The design of the headphones is among the better

From a design point of view, I must also praise the headphones. Although they are made of plastic, they are hardened plastic that does not look cheap at all. Interestingly, the headphones themselves can be rotated around their axis. In practice, this means that they can adapt perfectly to the shape of the head. At the same time, I must say that the headphones are a bit “tighter”, which on the other hand may not be to everyone’s taste. Fortunately, the pads around the ears are soft enough, so the headphones don’t hurt on the barrel even after a few hours of wearing them, but they can be felt . The top of the headphones on the top of the head is also softened.

Headphone control

The headphones have several buttons. From the volume control, to turning on the headphones, to the button to mute the surrounding sound. As for the control itself, just like on any other headphone – you press the “+” button to increase the volume and the “-” to remove. Hold down to switch the song. What I missed was the ability to move the song forward, for example, 10-20 seconds. However, with the second breath, it should be added that this feature is not available in most current headphones, it’s a pity. 

At the same time, let me not mention that on the right handset right next to the green LED, you can see the ANC control. This is a special noise reduction effect in various scenes, which reduces up to 90% of harsh low frequencies and ambient sounds. Emotionally after turning on this function, although the sound is a bit “more robust” , it is also sharper. I admit that I really liked this feature and I didn’t turn it off during testing. What I didn’t like was that when I turned off the headphones and forgot to turn off this feature, my battery ran out overnight. Even though the headphones were turned off, the function seemed to continue to consume power.

Battery life is excellent

Among other things, the headphones have a large 500mAh battery, which can even be charged using fast charging technology. Charging alone takes approximately 2.5 hours. As for endurance, I have to admit, it never occurred to me that turning off, respectively. turning on the ANC function can have a significant effect on endurance. As I mentioned above, I worked with this function basically all the time, so I can’t say how long the headphones really play when the function is off (the manufacturer states the endurance up to 30 hours). I actually worked for about 2 days for about 9 hours (during working hours + way to / from work) without charging. In other words, I exceeded 2 working days of listening to music without the need to charge them. The manufacturer declares 20 hours.

Not to forget, the headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Here again, I have to praise the quality of the connection with external devices (I used the headphones with a ZTE Axon 10 Pro smartphone and a Xiaomi Mi Air 13 laptop). In both cases, I did not encounter signal dropouts except when there were several walls between me and the device. However, I could easily listen to music remote from a computer that was in another room without much restriction. Probably behind this is the QCC3003 chip from Qualcomm , which is designed for the best possible wireless audio transmission.

The sound quality is above average

However, let’s move on to sound quality.  Comparing to the last headphones I testedI rated as above average in my price category (approximately € 30). Although these headphones are once so expensive, the difference is really noticeable. So the question is whether it pays to pay extra. Here I must say that clearly yes. Although I wrote with the Glary headphones that the sound is clear and high quality, the A30 headphones convinced me that the sound can be even clearer even for louder tones. Likewise, bass can be more richer. I must also point out that they can perfectly soundproof the surrounding sound, thanks to which you will not be disturbed by both a loud colleague and a braking tram a few meters away from you (which can sometimes be harmful). In terms of specifications, the OneOdio A30 headphones have 40mm drivers, so I enjoyed sharp, balanced bass and clear sharp highs. I must also say that I did not detect sound distortion at maximum volume. However, I do not recommend listening to music at the loudest level because it is so strong that it could damage your ears. I was also pleased with the presence of a microphone with a noise reduction function. The microphone itself works well – you can be heard clearly and loud enough. 

OneOdio A30 Bluetooth Headphone  – Conclusion

If you’ve read the whole review here, you probably already know what my rating will be. I really liked the headphones. They held up well on the barrel, even during sports activities, they are also perfectly foldable, they have the function of active sound suppression , the battery life for 2 days is simply great, and the sound quality is above average. Personally, I can recommend headphones. 

Pros of OneOdio A30 Bluetooth Headphone 

  • ANC
  • Price
  • Elegant and comfortable design

Cons of OneOdio A30 Bluetooth Headphone 

  • Buzz between tracks
  • Use of plastic on buttons

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