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Use keyboard shortcuts on Mac: Learn how to work faster with shortcuts

This article will explain keyboard shortcuts on Mac (dwsktop, Mac, Safari) so you can Learn how to work faster with shortcuts.
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Learn to use keyboard shortcuts on the Mac so you can work faster. In this tip, we explain which common shortcuts there are for the Mac that you really need to master.

Which shortcuts can I use?

Shortcuts can save you a lot of time. It works faster and you are less likely to suffer from a mouse arm. In this tip, we’ll first explain which shortcuts you can use on a daily basis and which you really need to memorize. Then we explain which keyboard shortcuts or shortcuts you use on the desktop, in the Safari browser and while typing.

Handy shortcuts for everyone

Everyone should know these handy shortcuts:

Cmd + Tab Switch quickly between programs
Cmd + ~ Quickly switch between program windows
Cmd + Backspace Throw the file in the trash
Cmd + W Close active window
Cmd + Q Close active program
Cmd + Spacebar Open Spotlight
Cmd + C Copy text
Cmd + V Paste text
Cmd + X Cut text
Shift + Alt + Cmd + V Paste text without including the formatting
Cmd + F Find keyword
Cmd + A Select all text
Cmd + B Make all selected text bold
Cmd + I Make all selected text italic
Cmd + U Underline all selected text

Keyboard shortcuts for your Mac desktop

On the desktop and in the Finder you can use the following handy shortcuts:

Cmd + N Opens a new Finder window
Cmd + M Minimizes an active window
Cmd + T Opens a new tab within the active window
Cmd + Shift + N Creates a new Folder
Enter Rename a file after selecting it
Spacebar Show a preview of the file
Cmd + Delete Moves a selected file to the trash
Shift + arrows Select multiple files

Keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser on Mac

You can use many of these keyboard shortcuts in Safari and most other browsers on your Mac . In addition, we have a number of others that are useful, especially for the browser:

Cmd + N Opens a new window
Cmd + Shift + N Opens a new incognito window
Cmd + W Close the current tab
Cmd + T Open a new tab
Cmd + Shift + T Reopen the last closed tab
cmd + Option + Right arrow / Left arrow Open the next / previous tab in the series of open tabs
Cmd + 1/2/3 Open the first, second and third tab
Cmd + 9 Go to the very first tab
Cmd + R Reload the web page
Cmd + Shift + R Enter reading mode
Cmd + L Select the address bar at the top
Cmd + F Search for a word on the page
Cmd + Left arrow Go back to the last visited page
Cmd + P Print page
Cmd + M Minimize the window

Keyboard shortcuts while typing on Mac

You can also take advantage of numerous keyboard shortcuts on the Mac while typing. This is especially useful if you have to write a lot of texts, but it actually comes in handy for anyone who has to write or edit a bit longer text on a regular basis.

Cmd + Left arrow / Right arrow Go to the beginning / end of the line
Option + Left arrow / Right arrow Go to the previous / next word
Shift + Left Arrow / Right Arrow Select the previous / next letter
Option + Shift + Left arrow / Right arrow Select the previous / next word
Cmd + Shift + Left Arrow / Right Arrow Select everything to the left / right of the cursor

Shortcut overview: CheatSheet

You have shortcuts at your disposal on an iPad Smart Keyboard . If you press the Cmd key, an overlay with all available shortcut keys will appear. This is also possible on the Mac , but you must first install a free app: CheatSheet.

After you’ve downloaded CheatSheet, you can bring up a keyboard shortcut overlay on your Mac by holding down the Command key. You will immediately see your cheat sheet with shortcuts. The list adapts to the app that is currently active. So in Safari you get a different list than in Pages. You can download CheatSheet here.

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