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The best (Ultra HD) Blu-ray players from 2019/2020

Blu-ray players from 2019/2020
There are several good Blu-ray players for sale. We list the best Blu-ray players from 2019/2020 of different price ranges, image and audio quality.
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We have extensively tested more than 90 products this year, including only a small number of new (Ultra HD) Blu-ray players. The reason for this is that many manufacturers no longer focus on the development of new players, in particular due to the rise of streaming. Yet there are still several good Blu-ray players for sale and for those who are looking for a good player to get the most out of the image and audio quality we list the best models of Blu-ray players from 2019/2020, looking at different price ranges.

 Everything about Blu-ray players

The Blu-ray player is a device that we have known for years and the exciting thing is a bit off, but there are several things you can look out for before you buy one . Which connections do you need, which discs and media do you want to play and what is your expectation in terms of quality?  The information in the article is still correct, but in fact all good players today are standard Ultra HD Bu-ray players, so that you can also play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

The best (Ultra HD) Blu-ray players from 2019/2020

Although streaming movies and series is becoming more and more popular and the quality of streaming services also increases, there is still something to be said for a physical disk. After all, you achieve the maximum image and audio quality without compression. The player is now also a device for the true film lover who also likes to get the most out of his screen and audio equipment.

The overview below with the best Ultra HD Blu-ray players from 2019/2020 has been determined by looking at our own reviews, experiences of other experts and readers, the developments in the market and the prices of the devices in question. We have not kept a special order in the overview of Blu-ray players from 2019/2020.

Panasonic DP-UB824 and DP-UB9004

Panasonic did not bring any new players to the market in 2019, but still has a number of very high-performing models in its range. The top models are the DP-UB9004 and DP-UB824, equipped with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10 + . Furthermore, these players come with an analog 7.1-channel output and gold-plated connections. The DP-UB9004 is a player specifically for the audiophile, with a weighted chassis, a special audio power supply, a powerful D / A converter and balanced XLR output. This model also comes with a THX certificate.

Conclusion of our review:

As a disc player, it delivers exceptionally good performance, thanks to the HCX processor, High Precision Chroma upsampling and the HDR Optimiser. The latter in particular is a real plus to retain all the color and white detail from your HDR images. Moreover, it supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 + so that you actually get a universal HDR player. The excellent analog audio quality and the ability to play multi-channel DSD, FLAC and ALAC are unique plus points on the audio side, and give it a clear audiophile signature. In the correct arrangement this player delivers fantastic image and sound.

You can read more about these players in our Panasonic DP-UB9004 review . In terms of image quality (and 90 percent of the possibilities) this model is identical to the DP-UB824.


Panasonic DP-UB424

Do you want to spend a little less, do you not value various advanced audio options and is Dolby Vision not required? Then the Panasonic DP-UB424 is a good option. This model is a good all-round player with very good image quality and sufficiently advanced setting options.

Conclusion of our review:

The Panasonic DP-UB424 is an affordable Ultra HD Blu-ray player that will not look out of place with most mid-end to high-end TVs. The player does everything well in terms of image display and is even as good as the absolute top model; the UB9004. You have access to the most important streaming services (in 4K and HDR), you can play almost all discs and files and you get advanced setting options. Small downsides are the outdated Viera Cast interface, the lack of a display and the lack of support for Dolby Vision. If you ask more on the side of (analog) audio and you would like support for Dolby Vision, then the UB9004 is the best choice. The DP-UB824 is a good choice for Dolby Vision only. For the rest, the UB424 is the choice that offers the most value for money.


Pioneer UDP-LX500

The Pioneer UDP-LX500 is a very expensive Ultra HD Blu-ray player, but one that also offers very good performance. This high-end player from Pioneer is not your average Ultra HD Blu-ray player. With its sophisticated chassis, an audio design that supports all types of audio discs, and an excellent video player that also supports Dolby Vision, the UDP-LX500 seems to have everything for the audio / cinephile.

Conclusion of our review:

You get this Pioneer in the first place because you are looking for an audiophile all-round player. As a bonus, it is also an excellent Ultra HD Blu-ray player with support for Dolby Vision. But he has made a number of important compromises. Although it is an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the Spartan user interface is more reminiscent of an audio player. All internet streaming applications have been omitted and the video media player may be slightly more complete. On the audio level, there is no analog multi-channel output and those who want balanced XLR outputs must choose the higher model (the UDP-LX800 ).

The high-end character is reflected in an extremely robust and quiet disc player that plays all your discs (and yes we also mean SACD and DVD Audio). The image and sound quality are excellent. We can be clear about the price, which is very high. You must therefore be sure that you absolutely want this feature set. The Panasonic DP-UB9004 is a better alternative if you consider SACD and DVD audio to be less important, and in exchange for a number of useful image functions, analog multi-channel outputs and XLR stereo.


Sony UBP-X700

The Sony UBP-X700 is an Ultra HD Blu-ray player that is a bit older but is now attractive priced and offers support for Dolby Vision. There is even support for SACD for enthusiasts.

Conclusion of our review:

Compared to the UBP-X800, you only seem to lose support for DVD audio, HiRes audio, and Bluetooth (with LDAC). In exchange, you will receive Dolby Vision support. The lighter chassis is not only an external adaptation, but also prevents the player from running perfectly still, although you can’t call him noisy at all.

It is an excellent player, for all your discs and all your media files. It is smooth, has a good interface and delivers excellent image quality. Thanks to SACD support, you can almost call him a universal player. If we also look at the price, then this is a particularly attractive player, with a feature set that will be more than sufficient for most people.

Also read our Sony UBP-X700 review .


Bonus: Oppo UDP-203

One of the best but also one of the most expensive Blu-ray players that we have tested is the Oppo UDP-203. This player is hardly for sale anymore since Oppo has stopped the production, but if you can still find one this is still a must in our opinion. The player offers support for Dolby Vision and guarantees a very good image quality. In addition, Oppo continues to support the device fanatically, with support for HDR10 + now.

Conclusion of our review:

If we take everything together, we must come to the conclusion that the Oppo UDP-203 is currently the best Ultra HD Blu-ray player, at least in terms of options and image quality. The player is not perfect because the remote control feels a bit old-fashioned, there are no streaming apps or techniques on board (perhaps a plus for purists) and the HDMI input does not support HDR, but the most important thing is still the excellent image quality

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