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The 5 best games from 2019, plus 3 to look forward to in 2020

5 best games from 2019
More than enough games were released in 2019. In this article you will see the 5 best games from 2019. These are our favorite games of the past year.
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More than enough games were released in 2019 that we enjoyed ourselves with. In this article you will see the 5 best games from 2019. These are our favorite games of the past year. Plus: which games can you now look forward to?

The 5 best games of 2019

Since 2017, we have been keeping track of game releases every two or three months at Homecinema Magazine. We play as many games as possible and try to bring everything from all kinds of genres, but you can imagine that we cannot literally play everything. The top five as presented below is therefore based on our own findings and experiences with the games. Is your favorite not listed? That can happen. At the bottom of this article you can respond with the toppers that you played yourself in 2019.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption has become the game of the year with us. It is clear that the developers have paid much attention to the details of this cowboy adventure. This is not only reflected in the incredibly vibrant world, the fine sound effects and the large amount of activities that you can do. The story is also extremely strong and the graphics are of an extremely high level. Rarely do animations seem so natural and realistic; this game goes for total immersion of the cowboy experience.

So, technically and in terms of story, we have virtually no comments or remarks. But that does not mean that this total surrender to cowboy life is flawless. Because there are beautiful animations attached to everything, you may sometimes be annoyed by the amount of time you spend doing simple actions. In card games or other mini-games you can still skip some of those animations, but when exploring a forest hut it takes too long to check every drawer.

Moreover, it takes a lot of getting used to that the playable character, in the form of Arthur Morgan, initially seems to react stiffly to your input. Morgan is actually tough and you notice that especially in the beginning. It also does not help that the controls here and there are cumbersome, so you sometimes fire a bullet (and hit someone), while you actually just wanted to talk to someone. These are situations that mainly occur in the beginning, later you will be less bothered by this and you can completely immerse yourself in the story and the many activities.

The semi-realistic character of Red Dead Redemption 2 has its advantage – and disadvantages. On the one hand, it ensures that we can play a technically formidable game with an atmosphere that you can immerse yourself in; on the other hand, it may take you too long for the game to really start to become fun. The initially woody control system unfortunately does not cooperate, so the game is initially somewhat inaccessible. But as far as we are concerned, it is worth making and continuing the investment. What a game.

5 best games from 2019: Resident Evil 2 Remake

For the remake of Resident Evil 2, publisher Capcom combines the basics and graphics of Resident Evil 7 and the classic action, exciting exploration and elaborate puzzles of the older Resident Evil games. Just like the first time this story was told (on the first PlayStation) we play with the now starting agent Leon S. Kennedy. Together with student Claire Redfield, the characters have to survive in Raccoon City, a famous city in the series where a certain virus causes people to turn into zombies.

Both characters have incidentally also their own campaigns, so that you have been able to view the story from two sides afterwards. The gameplay is not only characterized by the complicated puzzles and the shooting at zombies. In the meantime you are also being chased by a large, mysterious creature. You can do two things at that moment: either you empty your warehouse on him or you get away. If you want to survive then there is really only one option. Every time this man comes into the picture, your buttock muscles tighten considerably.

So there are very few moments that you can really sit quietly on the couch while playing Resident Evil 2 Remake, because you have no idea when that guy comes around the corner again (or runs through a door). All in all, the remake of Resident Evil 2 is the perfect Resident Evil game: it’s exciting and sometimes scary, but above all entertaining and crammed with secrets to discover. In addition, this game is also very indicative of 2019, because we don’t actually come across this type of game so often anymore

5 best games from 2019: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Forget everything you know about Dark Souls or Bloodborne. This newest game from From Software tests your martial arts in a completely different way. As a personal bodyguard and shinobi (ninja), Sekiro must protect a Japanese heir to the throne. The prince is besieged because of his magical blood, with which immortality can be realized. From the moment Sekiro was resurrected by the prince after a deadly battle, the ninja has the power to rise again from the dead once.

As a player you will often need this power. The fighting system has been completely overhauled. In games like Dark Souls, you have to rely on a fast-paced role to avoid attacks. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you have to go against attacks by enemies. Parry and block as many attacks as possible and you fill a special meter of an enemy. When it is full, the enemy is prone to a deadly counter. Because you as a player have the same meter, you cannot continue to attack endlessly.

This creates a combat dynamic that works great and has never been shown before in games. It causes hectic battles that sometimes literally sparks. You will be working on this system from the start. This is desperately needed, because the enemies are merciless. Taking a breath is almost impossible. The completely different bosses test the player in all kinds of ways. Fortunately, there are enough checkpoints available, which also gives you the chance to explore the beautiful Japanese environments.

This pays off, because a handy object can be hidden behind every corner. Sometimes you will find special prostheses. Because Sekiro lost his left arm in an earlier fight, he has a mechanical arm to which all kinds of weapons can be linked. This way you can attach an ax or a pitcher and there are also options that make defending a bit easier. Defeating a big enemy is perhaps even more satisfying than ever. Moreover, there are hardly any games in which sword fighting is as well developed as in Sekiro.

Dragon Quest XI S : Echoes Of An Elusive Age

Nowadays there is no shortage of role playing games (RPGs), especially on the Nintendo Switch. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age is also one of those that should appeal to fans of the series or genre and newcomers. The gameplay systems within this title can go very deep, but not everything is mandatory. If you are not in the mood for something, it is not a problem and it is often possible to obtain certain items in a different way. But the deeper you go in this game, the more fun it gets in the end.

The XI in the title obviously stands for the number eleven, this is the eleventh part in a video game series that started on the NES. Since then, publisher and developer Square Enix has had little to do with the basics, but many things around it have changed. Dragon Quest is such a series that does not forget where it came from, while modern elements can still be introduced. That keeps the series as a whole fresh and accessible, while players from the first hour can still start the adventure they grew up with.

Also fun for players from the first hour, is the retro mode. You can play the game completely in 3d, such as on the PC and PlayStation 4, but you can also choose to play the game with old-fashioned graphics, as if you were playing on a Super Nintendo. In addition, the game has a much better soundtrack on the Switch, your teammates are now following you and there is a faster mode for fighting. This is actually the Definitive Edition of the game, even if you don’t notice it in the graphics: they have suffered a blow in the port.

Fortunately, this is the eleventh part in the series does not mean that you have the must have played previous games to understand the story. The game stands entirely on its own and presents brand new characters, extremely pleasant storylines and beautifully designed locations. There is almost no boring moment visible in this video game, which can be summarized as one of the best RPGs ever made. Really where all the elements show that a lot of love and attention has been paid to this. Dragon Quest XI deserves to be played.

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is truly one of the best games of the moment. The style of the unprecedented action in this video game is unparalleled. From the first moment you are thrown into the action and it only stops when you have finished the game. The story is just as cool: years after the legions of hell have arrived on earth, a new, demonic danger presents itself. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of three demon hunters who all have a different fighting style (which is good for the necessary variation in the game).

From a distance, games like Devil May Cry to be superficial button bashers but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, from the moment you pick up the controller, you immediately have to deal with a depth that you can only see coming as a fan of the series or the genre in general. All three characters have so much depth that they could all fill their own game. Moreover, the story is also full of plottwists: you may see them coming, but that does not make it any less cool.

Players can count on it just like the other parts of this series on new difficulty levels. That is desperately needed, since you can complete the story in 15 to 20 hours. These types of games rely heavily on being able to play (off) again; for an even faster time, even higher score and even higher and more combos. The higher levels of difficulty ensure that new play sessions can feel fresh, as it is made increasingly difficult for you – this is sometimes on the verge of sheer insanity.

We think that Capcom, the developer of Devil May Cry 5, could have gone away. come with a much simpler sequel in this series. It would not have been strange if this fifth part would take a safer approach by putting familiar gameplay in a more modern way. Instead, we not only get the familiar gameplay from Nero and Dante, but also the new way of playing that character V brings. In short: do you like hack ‘n slash games, the Devil May Cry series or games in general? Check out this game.

3 games to look forward to in 2020

n the past twelve months we have had more than enough fun with the above games, among others. . One of the nicest things about video games, and especially writing about video games, is looking ahead. What else is on the schedule? That is really too much to mention, but we are sure that 2020 will also be a great game year. Below we highlight three games that will undoubtedly appeal to both the press and the public. So if they are not on your list yet, we recommend that you do so.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

One of the most beloved games of the first PlayStation is the game Final Fantasy 7. The game combined 3D- graphics with a static background which at the time had an unprecedented great effect. Moreover, there is an in-depth and emotional story and the role playing game contains more than enough to keep rpg enthusiasts happy for many hours. It is therefore not surprising that publisher Square Enix has decided to rebuild this game from scratch. The only drawback: the game is released in separate parts.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is from CD Projekt Red, the Polish studio that was previously responsible for the success of the gigantic cool game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This is a futuristic role playing game with more than enough science fiction elements to appeal to the biggest sci-fi enthusiast. And then we haven’t even mentioned the role of actor Keanu Reeves; that man can also do little bad in life. Cyberpunk 2077 promises to be one of the biggest, deepest and most intense sci-fi experiences of 2020.

The Last of Us: Part II

The first The Last of Us is seen as one of the best games of this decade. Expectations are therefore high for the second part, which may – even at the start of a new decade – win the same title. The first part mainly convinced with the story and we are happy to see that developer Naughty Dog is now continuing that story. The Last of Us: Part II takes place years after the first part and continues the story of the once little girl – now mature woman – Ellie.