Spotify Premium family increased its subscription in Belgium

The price of the Spotify Premium family subscription is increased and will be 16 euros in Belgium from 15 Euro per month
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Spotify has informed customers with a family subscription in Belgium that the monthly price will increase to 16 euros. At the moment, subscribers still pay 15 euros per month. The change in Spotify Premium takes effect immediately.

Only families are the bobbin

Spotify reports that the change only applies to the Family subscription. The prices for individuals, students and for the duo subscriptions will remain the same for the time being. At the moment 10, 5 or 13 euros must be paid for this respectively. Customers informed tech website Tweakers that they had received an email about the price increase. The change has now also been announced on the website from Spotify. According to the company, the price increase is necessary to continue to innovate and invest in the best experience for users. This includes new features and content that will benefit families and individual users alike.

No price increase has yet been announced for the Dutch market in Spotify Premium. It is also not known whether it will come. The Premium Family plan can be used by up to six family members or roommates at the same time. The main condition is that all users live at the same address. Spotify will monitor this more strictly in the future. This makes it more difficult to share the subscription with family and friends who do not visit the floor regularly. For a large number of users, the higher amount will be debited from the account for the first time in November.