Sony reveals first look of new user interface for PlayStation 5

new user interface for PlayStation 5
New user interface for PlayStation 5 : Sony has announced what the user interface for the PS5 will look like. The story in details.

Sony has announced what the user interface for the PS5 will look like. The home screen for the upcoming console looks familiar, but has been rebuilt from the ground up. In addition to a major graphic update, the start screen can be displayed in 4K and there is support for HDR.

 New user interface for PlayStation 5: Ready for the next generation

Earlier this week, competitor Microsoft already announced that the renewed interface for Xbox consoles is being rolled out. This will be available for all Xbox One models, but can also be used immediately on the new one Xbox Series S and Series X. However, unlike Microsoft, Sony designed the new user interface only for the PlayStation 5. Sony has posted a screenshot of the new home screen on the PlayStation Blog. It still looks a bit like the PS4’s home screen, but has more in common with modern smart TV operating systems. It is immediately noticeable that the menu distinguishes between games and other media.

Just like on the PS4, a menu with related items unfolds with each application. For example, the PlayStation Store shows you the latest games and apps. For the games you play most often, you can of course pull up the activity menu with clips, trophies you have achieved and available downloadable content. The new activity menu is also available for select PS4 games that have been updated for compatibility with the PS5.

Control Center and Explore

With the revamped Control Center, players can always pick up where they left off in a game. The Control Center can be called up in the form of a task bar at the bottom of the screen. This means that a game does not have to be interrupted to set up controllers and microphones or to see which friendly players are online. Furthermore, the Control Center also offers options for games in the form of cards. For example, you can immediately see how far you are on your way to get a certain trophy. In addition, the menu shows news about your games and you can view your screenshots. Finally, according to Sony, sharing your screen and starting voice chats with friends should be much faster through the Control Center.

A feature that is not yet available in Europe at launch is called Explore. Explore allows you to keep an eye on news about upcoming games and DLC. You do this by ‘following’ games, as it were. The PlayStation Store is no longer a separate app, but is fully integrated into the system. Therefore the search function and scrolling through lists should be much faster. The slow download store was, according to many, the biggest pain point of previous PlayStations.


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