Review: Teufel Boomster Go – compact format, big sound

Review: Teufel Boomster Go is a compact bluetooth speaker from the German audio brand that has enough power to fill a room with great sound.
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The Teufel Boomster Go is a compact bluetooth speaker from the German audio brand that has enough power to fill a room with great sound. But does that also mean that it is worth its price of 99 euros? We review it in our review.

Tuefel Boomster Go – specs and design

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. It is usually the case that the compact models have less noise and the question is whether that also applies to the Teufel Boomster Go. Before answering that question, we first look at other aspects of the device. Because they also play a role. You may have to sacrifice something in the field of audio quality, so that the portability component can score better. The speaker has dimensions of at least 10.2 by 10.7 by 4.6 cm.

That is quite compact, so that it almost always fits in a backpack or suitcase. Teufel also supplies a handy strap, so that you can also hang it on that bag or suitcase, if it still takes up too much space. The weight stays at 335 grams. You don’t even notice that when you wear it with you all day long. The rubber housing ensures that the Boomster Go can take a beating. It is also splash-proof (think of rain) with an ipx7 certificate, but does not drop it into a container of water.

Furthermore, there are powerful full-range drivers with two passive bass drivers in a push-pull configuration, which together must ensure a tight, high and pure volume (up to 84 dB). That is, at least, Teufel’s promise. The built-in battery must last up to ten hours on a full charge and has a capacity of 2600 mAh. In addition, there are LED lights for the battery level, you can pair two Teufel Boomster Go models for stereo playback and there are different buttons on the compact speaker.

Tuefel Boomster Go – installation and use

The Teufel Boomster Go is a simple bluetooth speaker. That speaks for the accessibility of the device, but not so much for its versatility. That is not a criticism, that is the nature of the beast. That means that there is no audio cable connection and you only use the Bluetooth connection. Connecting is as you expect: fast, smooth and simple. There is still a micro USB port, but you cannot connect a device to it. This port is used for charging the Bluetooth speaker.

Teufel Boomster Go

The device has five buttons on board. You use a button for the Bluetooth connection. It is near the on-off button. The bluetooth speaker will turn off automatically after a short period when it is not being used, so you have to switch it on again. Great function for the life of the battery, but the first time it was crazy that it suddenly turned off. Then we have the other three buttons: one for volume down, one for pausing and playing your music and one for volume up.

It is not all that exciting or difficult, but that is not necessary at all with such a simple bluetooth speaker. You shouldn’t want that at all. This is purely a product for convenience, one that you can take with you and can use when you need it. Which may be disadvantageous: the connection is therefore micro-usb. And since smartphones today increasingly rely on usb-c, you may need to take two chargers with you when you go out. Small point, fortunately, with ten hours of use you can go a long way.

Tuefel Boomster Go – audio quality

From the first moment we are charmed by the sound quality of the relatively compact speaker. Teufel thinks it is of course very important that the bass sound is good and that you can turn up the loudspeaker without compromising on sound quality. In this case, this is slightly at the expense of the higher tones, since these can sometimes fade into the background of the sounds of the other segments. The speaker is therefore not suitable for every music genre and therefore not for everyone.

Teufel Boomster Go

However, you have a limited taste in music and you listen to genres such as dance, house, trance, lounge, techno or electronic music. in general, this will probably be your favorite travel companion. Because the bass sound is more than fine. A delicious punch comes out. We must also state that the sound sounds quite warm and is not really measured anywhere. In terms of volume, it is true that you can turn up your music nice and hard before it comes at the expense of quality; but that also depends on the source.

Fortunately, the music therefore has a warm character, so that it is no punishment to listen to other types of music. For example, Lady Gaga’s voice comes out flawlessly, while Muse’s front man gets the most out of the speaker. Unfortunately, despite its clear sounds, the sound reproduction is not very wide, since some elements are sometimes repressed in the background. Whether you can solve that with a second Teufel Boomster Go, we don’t know; we have one on the editorial staff for the test.

Teufel Boomster Go

Tuefel Boomster Go – conclusion

For a price of 99 euros you don’t get the cheapest bluetooth speaker. If you want to pay a few tens more, you can for example also go for the Rockster Go of the German brand. You surrender what you get in music experience in terms of convenience and portability. So are you looking for a compact bluetooth speaker that can always go anywhere, with a clear and warm sound reproduction, then this is your new speaker. If it can all be a bit more, also in terms of size, then take a look further.

Cons of Tuefel Boomster Go

  • No audio cable connection
  • Micro-usb

Plus points of Tuefel Boomster Go

  • Warm and clear sound
  • Compact format
  • Solid housing