Review: Teufel Airy – Compact bluetooth headset with great sound

Review: The Teufel Airy is a compact, wireless bluetooth headset. The headset can be folded, so that it always fits wherever you want.
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The Teufel Airy is a compact, wireless bluetooth headset. The headset can be folded, so that it always fits in your bag. With a suggested retail price of 149 euros you do not pay the main price for the device. But is it worth its price?

Teufel Airy – design and specifications

The Teufel Airy is a light and compact headset with small, soft ear cushions. Those pillows do not go over your ears, but rest on them. On the inside of the band are the letters L and R, so you can see how to wear the headphones. The part where the ear pads rest is also foldable. This makes the accessory even more compact and allows you to take it with you in a full bag. Teufel also comes with a handy case where you can put the headphones in, so that they do not get damaged or get dirty quickly. On the right side there are two ports and buttons for controlling your music. There are also two volume controls: one at the back and one at the front. So you can choose which you find best to use. In total there are three buttons: play and pause music, the next song and the previous song. The ports are a micro-usb variant, for charging the headset, and a 3.5 mm connection, for using an audio cable.

Since this is a wireless headset, there is also Bluetooth present. It is bluetooth 4.2 with support from aptX. That aptX is important, because your music is then presented in a CD-like quality (16-bit / 44.1 kHz). It is not full CD quality, because the music is compressed. If you “just want to listen to your music,” you probably don’t notice this. It is true that aptX can make music quality sound better via Bluetooth than when the technology is not there.

Teufel Airy – in use

Because the Teufel Airy is so compact, it sits in front Most users are probably tight enough to the head. You can still adjust the height of the tire with different levels. Such products are incredibly personal and therefore everyone will have a slightly different experience, but in general the form must suit everyone. There is a small side note: personally, the headset is just a bit too tight for long listening sessions, so my ears can get warm over time.

The button control on the Teufel Airy is a little less personal. When you have the headphones on your head, it is quite difficult to operate the music. After all, you cannot really feel exactly where your finger is on the accessory, which makes it difficult to pause and play music. Rarely are you immediately pressing the button; usually you are just above it, unfortunately. Selecting the next or previous song is a bit easier, because those buttons are in the corner of the band on the speaker.

Furthermore, the Teufel Airy is not very comfortable around the neck when you take it want to do it precisely because of that compact size (but this can also be a very personal point). The fact is that linking is an effortless process. You switch on the headphones and switch on Bluetooth on your TV, laptop or smartphone. After a few seconds the Airy appears on the screen and you indicate that you want to pair. A child can do the laundry. After that, simply activate Bluetooth on the device and switch on the Teufel Airy; the rest goes without saying.

Teufel Airy – audio quality

Teufel is known to us as a speaker manufacturer with speakers that have a hard yet fine bass reproduction. There is a certain punch in the products of the German brand, which we do not find in other speakers. However, the Teufel Airy lacks this specific punch a little. The headphones can perfectly play the bass line, but we also notice that there is a clear boundary. And without equalizer application or something similar, that lack cannot really be compensated.

That does not mean that the light, compact headphones have poor sound reproduction. In fact, precisely because that hard bass line is missing, we hear a wide sound field. Warm and soft sounds come out well. This makes the details of long guitar riffs very audible, for example, in the music of Muse and Metallica, while the soft voice of Kenny B fills ears with the finer g-sounds of his voice. The tones in the higher regions come into their own with the Teufel Airy.

Also the less emphasis on bass reproduction means that you can use the Teufel Airy for quite a few genres and styles. We have only come across a handful of songs that sound different than what we are used to and which raise our eyebrows; in general you can listen to what you want without a negative experience. Only songs with a really heavy bass may sound slightly different. But on the other hand, songs with higher tones sound better and you may hear things that have not been noticed before.

Teufel Airy – conclusion

Then we are not even talking about the long ones had a battery life of thirty hours and the fact that you can also accept phone calls, since there is a microphone built in. With the Teufel Airy, the brand shows that it can also make products that can be marketed a little wider, that supports a wide range of genres and does not emphasize the bass line. The latter in particular is very important, since you can enjoy more kinds of music this way. And that for a suggested retail price of 149 euros.

There are also things that are less satisfactory. For example, there is the personal point that the headset can be a bit tight on the ears. Unfortunately, the buttons are not very clearly felt, which makes operating music sometimes a bit difficult without picking up your phone. But for the rest, we can not complain much about the Teufel Airy, especially when we consider the price. You do not pay the first prize for this Bluetooth headset. And that thirty-hour battery life means that you really don’t have to charge it often.


  • Buttons on the headphones
  • Can sometimes be too tight
  • No noise reduction

Plus points

  • Wide sound field
  • Not too expensive
  • Battery lasts for 30 hours