Review: Lucidsound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset

Review: Lucidsound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset offer wireless connectivity, superb microphone, and work with both PS5 and PS4, as well as PC.
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Review: Lucidsound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset – Lucidsound has not made much of an impact in Europe. And as of now, the product range is not very accessible, although it is possible to buy and transport goods across national borders via the website

LucidSound is an Amercian based manufacturer and online retailer of gaming headsets, microphones, earpads, and speaker tags.

Otherwise, Lucidsound focuses on gamers as a target group. And apparently the owners will come from the gaming arena themselves, and have experience from this towards the production of headphones and other gaming equipment.

With that, the developers have landed on the LS15 series with the corresponding letter X or P, depending on whether the headphone is intended for Xbox Series X or PlayStation. The headphones end up in the middle layer in terms of both price.

Getting one of these headphones costs around 100 US dollars, roughly translated to 900 kroner, plus any shipping and customs costs.

It is not the most affordable variety, but neither is it the most expensive. And strictly speaking, if you go further down in price, it will usually be at the expense of both sound and building quality. Decent headphones cost something, and provide a better gaming and listening experience for the money.

Lucidsound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset – Design & Features

First, the LS15P is wireless. That is, you connect a small USB stick to a PC or a PlayStation, then audio and speech are transmitted wirelessly. And it is super comfortable to drop a cord that hangs and throws down your neck.

It gives children and young people the freedom to move a little, move their legs, or fetch a glass of water between gaming sessions, without having to take off their headphones all the time. Useful if you have a chat going on in chat.

The ear pads themselves can also be turned so that the headphones “rest” against the body when desired. The USB stick is also a good choice over bluetooth, as this provides better sound quality and a more stable connection.

And here Lucidsound has gone for a USB stick that seems to withstand a bit. The plastic around the metal end seems robust enough to withstand a lot of connection and disconnection, plus a little shipping if the children take their PC and PlayStation on the move to friends now and then.

The microphone is removable. It is a nice addition because it is not always the case that the children will play online all the time. Sometimes it is first and foremost sound from the games that counts, and not speech, and then it can be nice to put away the microphone.

It is also possible to mute the microphone, and then it lights up so that it becomes a visible indicator. A very useful feature if you do not want friends to overhear the conversation with mom and dad, or siblings for example.

Otherwise, all buttons on the headphones are physical. You can turn a wheel on the earpiece to increase and decrease the volume, and you can press a button to mute the microphone. It is very nice to have such, often used features so easily accessible.

It is hard plastic that covers the hoop and the headphones with memory foam on the pillows. These are also designed with children and young people who wear glasses in mind, so that they do not have to squeeze so much inside for longer periods of time and use.

The quality seems usable, but not exactly fantastic. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that these can withstand daily use. The hoop can also be pulled out or in to adapt to different head shapes. An immediate fear is that this mechanism seems somewhat fragile. There has been no challenge so far, but perhaps this will become more loose over time.

Otherwise, there are two microphones in use. You can either use the detachable one. But if you remove this, there is also an internal microphone that is built into the headphones. So here it is taste and pleasure, although the removable clearly gives the best sound.

There is also a built-in equalizer that makes it possible to switch between three audio profiles with just one keystroke. It is “natural” sound by default, then you have bass amplification, and finally the signature profile of Lucidsound which highlights the sound of footsteps in online games.

Battery life promises up to 15 hours of use, which is definitely within what is to be expected.

Charging the device is via a micro-USB cable, and not cheap USB-C. The difference between these two cable types is that the former has a narrower top and extended bottom, which means that you must insert the charging cable the right way, otherwise the cable will not fit.

Trivia, but it’s a little more knotty to hit with the cord. USB-C has a symmetrical tip that fits all roads.


We were sent an LS15P for testing and got to “test drive” this. And we can say that this is more than a good enough headset for children and young people. However, in the middle layer with.

The detachable microphone works excellently and gets speech and delivers this clearly and well to the receiver. The built-in microphone also works well, but picks up more noise in the surroundings and does not have noise cancellation to the same degree as the removable microphone has.

The LS15P also benefits from the sound technology found in PlayStation 5, including directional sound so you can hear from which angles the sound source comes from in the game.

Sound from games is also delivered quite well. It is good bass weight when you turn on the setting in the equalizer for this. And there is a clear distinction between different types of sounds. Music doesn’t sound too bad either.

The LS15P works just fine for simple gaming and music if you are not too picky about the soundscape. Understand the sentence correctly: the sound quality is quite decent, but the “little extra” that adorns the whole and the power of the sound is lacking. But for gaming purposes, most people will probably not notice this.

On the other hand, you have to spend several thousand kroner to get more advanced headphones. And Lucidsound, if nothing else, gives a lot for the money with their LS15P. Not least considering the wireless connection, good microphone and compatibility with both PlayStation and PC.

At that price, this is not a stupid purchase. Here, a lot of technology is wrapped in headphones at an affordable cost.


There is no lower age limit for using a gaming headset, but in terms of price and usage, it may be worthwhile to look at the child’s age before buying.

There can quickly be wear and tear on a headset unless you take good care of them, yet this is one of the cheaper options on the market.

For children and young people who are interested in wireless connection, game chat and audio right to their ear, this can be something to go for. In terms of price, we think that this can be a good alternative for children and young people of all ages.

As always, parents should be aware of what is happening in their children’s game world. Communication in online games can be challenging for children. In addition, a headset helps to “close” the children’s game world for the parents. With regular speakers, it is easier for parents to pick sound from game chat and in the game.

There is a balance here between children’s right to privacy and parents’ desire to secure their children and follow what happens in the games.

Lucidsound  LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset

Lucidsound LS15P Wireless Gaming Headset – Conclusion

Price wise, Lucidsound Gaming Headphones offer wireless connectivity, superb microphone, and work with both PS5 and PS4, as well as PC. Overall, The LucidSound LS15 is a decent, but not great console-first headset with a few neat design flourishes. Whether you’re buying the LS15P for PS4 and PS5 or the LS15X for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, you can expect to get decent, but not outstanding audio on consoles and PC. Contrary to its claims, it isn’t really made for mobile.