Review: IKEA Symfonisk (and Sonos) remote control

IKEA Symfonisk with Sonos remote control
Review: We extensively tested the IKEA Symfonisk speakers and we were also quite enthusiastic about the two models developed together with Sonos

A few months ago we extensively tested the IKEA Symfonisk speakers and we were also quite enthusiastic about the two models developed together with Sonos. IKEA recently released an accessory specifically for the Symfonisk speakers; the Symfonisk remote control. This allows you to easily operate the IKEA speakers and other Sonos speakers. In this review we test the remote control.

What is the IKEA Symfonisk remote control?

You can of course operate the IKEA Symfonisk speakers with the Sonos app, and now also with the IKEA Home Smart app. And if you have a speaker with Google Assistant you can even control them with speech. But sometimes you just want to quickly press a button to start some music.

IKEA Symfonisk with Sonos remote control

The IKEA Symfonisk remote control is a physical remote control to operate the company’s bookshelf and table lamp speaker. But you can also use it to control other Sonos speakers in the house. The remote lets you pause, play, adjust the volume and select a previous song or song. The remote control is a small and round device that you can attach magnetically to the wall with the supplied holder, or you can place it on the table. To use the remote control with the Symfonisk speakers you need the IKEA Trådfri connection hub. The remote has a price of 15 euros.


When we look at the design of the Symfonisk remote control, we are immediately enthusiastic. It is a super simple, sleek and unobtrusive remote that you can place or hang anywhere in the house without any problems. The remote looks more like a simple button with rotary function and comes in white and black. Yes, it is made of plastic and does not feel super luxurious, but it is also a very cheap accessory that still looks sleek and modern and simply has to do what it promises. What is promised? The remote gives access to ‘play’, ‘pause’, ‘next’, ‘previous’ and the volume.

The small accessory comes with a round mounting plate for on the wall, against which the remote control with magnetic back (or adhesive strip) can be placed. However, you can also place the remote control on a desk or cupboard without a mounting plate. There is an anti-slip ring so that the remote does not shift when you operate it. And finally, thanks to the magnet on the back, you can place the remote on a metal surface, such as a refrigerator. Enough placement options so


Before we discuss the installation, it must be said that you need the Trådfri connection hub to use the remote. Do you only have the Symfonisk speakers? Then you also have to purchase the hub and it costs 33 euros. Only then can you download the Home Smart app from IKEA and in that app you can set the Symfonisk remote control.

When you take the remote control out of the box, it is a matter of putting the supplied button cell battery in the remote and putting the remote Link to the Trådfri connection hub, which makes it appear in the Home Smart app. To install the battery you have to remove a very small screw and first find a suitable screwdriver for it. It is not the most convenient solution, but once found and placed, linking with the Trådfri connection hub starts. Going through all the steps in the app once we can link the Symfonisk speakers to the remote in the Home Smart app. That all goes very smoothly. You can create zones in the app yourself and with one remote you can control one zone or a group of speakers. For example, you can link the remote control to all speakers in the bedroom, or only that one speaker in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if it is a Symfonisk or a Sonos speaker; all can be operated with the remote.


The functionality of the remote control is simple; a push of a button means play or pause, pressing twice means one track forward, and pressing three times is a track back. You can turn the knob to adjust the volume, and that is even possible with one finger thanks to a small hole in the knob. It takes some getting used to how the remote responds to multiple presses. If you are a little too fast or a little too slow, three presses can be registered incorrectly. Anyway, you’ve got the hang of it after using it a few times.

If you haven’t used the remote for a while, it can take a second or 2 for the paired speakers to respond, possibly because the remote is in sleep mode . Once awake the speakers react nice and smooth and you can operate your system without significant delay. The remote does exactly what IKEA promises and what it must do. The remote control is easy to place or hang anywhere in the house, and ensures that you can quickly and easily operate a speaker or group of speakers in the house.

IKEA Symfonisk with Sonos remote control

Conclusion of IKEA Symfonisk with Sonos remote control

IKEA gives you a remote control for 15 euros about which we can only be very enthusiastic. The Symfonisk remote control is the ideal accessory for both your Symfonisk speakers and your Sonos speakers. It is not the most luxurious and premium-feeling remote, but it does exactly what it needs to do, responds smoothly and quickly, and makes the physical operation of your multi-room system super easy. In addition, the remote looks sleek and you can place it or hang it almost anywhere. So do you have a Symfonisk and / or Sonos system, and perhaps also a Trådfri hub? Then it is a must-have accessory.


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