Review: Avanca D1 and S1 headphones

Avanca D1 and S1 headphones
Apple said goodbye to the 3.5mm jack plug and Bluetooth is the future of headphones so we tested the Avanca D1 and S1 Wireless Sports Headphones.
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Apple said goodbye to the 3.5mm jack plug and Bluetooth is the future of headphones so we tested the Avanca D1 and S1 Wireless Sports Headphones.

Review Avanca D1 & S1

Avanca is a real Dutch company where it is all about mobile devices. But just because of the products around it. For example the bluetooth headsets, D1 & S1. Avanca is sold all over the world and is working hard on the road. Time to listen to a few headsets.

Since Apple launched the iPhone 7 on the market, the growth and sales of bluetooth headphones and in ears have increased explosively. Although many of us, including me, still like to see the jack plug in the phone, it also offers a chance of development for the bluetooth headphones. A question I often see passing is; “Does a Bluetooth headset have the same sound quality as a headphone with cable?”

The Bluetooth connection is a temporary connection between one or more devices at a short distance from each other. The connection is established by using a radio frequency. These frequencies are between certain values. Meanwhile, we are already with Bluetooth version 4.2 and the development has not been idle. Nowadays, the Bluetooth connection is more energy-efficient and no longer has interference from the 4G network, and vice versa of course. A theoretical data transfer of 20Mb per second is possible. If we look at the average size of a music track, for example a Flac file, these files are usually around 25 to 50Mb per song. The transfer of the smartphone to the Bluetooth in ears or headphones would thus be possible without loss of quality.

Back to Avanca, because they sent me two headsets. Two headsets that are meant for during sport. That is sweating. We use the headsets during running, bootcamp, crossfit, cycling, walking and fitness. What is important to report is that we not only look specifically at the sound quality. But it is also about sustainability, connection quality, comfort and price-quality ratio.

Avanca S1 headphones

The sports headset as Avanca calls him, with a price of 49.95 euros. We get the S1 delivered in black. Neat and unobtrusive. You could also easily use the Avanca S1 for daily applications. The S1 is more like the traditional earplugs. These are generally also always good.

If we take a closer look at the Avanca S1, we see an on / off button, an input for mini-usb and a large double button for the volume. The Avanca S1 has a round and elegant finish. What is also nice, a microphone, because that is what the S1 has. If you are called during your activity, you can simply stop the S1. Unlike his brother, the D1. On the other hand, his brother is D1 splash-proof, but the S1 is not. Strange that the S1 is called the sport headset. We find back on the S1 Bluetooth 3.0. I would personally be happier from 4.1. Then you will no longer have any problems with the 4G network. Fortunately, the latest versions of the headset are equipped with bluetooth 4.1.

We are really testing the Avanca S1 as a sport headset. Especially running and bootcamp. The use for both headsets is fairly simple. I hold the on button and hear an English lady say the headset is on. Only you can do little with it. If you hold down the power button, the headset switches to pairing mode. A few seconds later the headset appears on the smartphone. Linking and then the work-out can begin. After running for a few minutes we no longer notice that we are wearing the S1. This is an important aspect.

It means that the product is “transparent”. What do I mean by that? The product gets a different experience during use. It is no longer the tangible product that I just owned. I wear the product, but I am not aware of it. Let me give a clear and clear example. If I look outside through my window now, I’m not busy with the window. For me it is transparent. Suppose the window cleaner is now cleaning my window, he is consciously working on it. For him, the window is tangible.

While running, the headset stays in place. With running on the road, but also through the forest. I stop briefly to think about the first impression of the S1. Wearing the Avanca S1 feels very familiar already. The sound quality is fine. During sports I usually listen to rock or house music. The slightly heavier test, bootcamp, I can see. At bootcamp you are often busy outside and a lot of big moves. It is quite heavy, so good music drags me through the work-out.

My motivation or tow truck, to get me through the work-out, now consists of pop music. This sounds good, just good. The S1 has a good bass and the middle area is well present. For the high it could just be a little better. However, I do not use the Avanca S1 as a high-end headset for home on the couch, but for the sport. I therefore see the Avanca S1 as an all-rounder, where I can play sports. During a boot camp work-out it only started to rain. Let me just receive a phone call at that moment. I got it tight for a while. Because the S1 is not ‘waterproof’. The USB connection is open. The Avanca D1 has a nice rubber cap, but not the S1. Rain came down, a lot of rain. But miraculously, the S1 has survived the downpour. I was able to call Noah just in time to see if he could come my way with his ark.

What strikes me is that occasional disturbance occurs. The connection falters for a moment, but then the sound is also back quite quickly. If the S1 is almost empty, the same English lady will report nicely that I am almost without power. And 2 minutes later the headset is empty. That is fast. I’d rather have heard that I had 10 minutes left. Or that the lady reports that there is still 25% battery capacity left. There is no greater damper than being without power in the middle of a work-out.

Avanca D1 headphones

The color appeals to me immediately; fluorescent yellow. The D1, also a headset for athletes, is available in several colors for a price of 59.95 euros. For the runners, this is a perfect choice. The color really pops. I think that is a good point in terms of safety. The Avanca D1 stands out. Especially when I go running I want to be seen by motorists. Preferably when I’m walking and not when I’m lying on the hood of a car.

There are three buttons on the headset. One is for power and pairing, the other two are for volume and skipping of number. These two buttons are actually four, but slightly larger in size. There is also a rubber closure for the USB connection, as indicated earlier. This ensures a splashproof seal. The Avanca D1 is a real in ear. You should therefore like this, otherwise the step to the S1 is made quickly. Just like with the S1, I have to look at how to put the D1 on. The wire, which connects the two units, has to go over the ears and along the back of the head. I immediately notice that it is solid. It feels good. If it also stays with sports, then I am completely happy. Let the sports and testing begin!

Running and walking is in my weekly rhythm, a good start. When walking, I need some quieter music. The pace is not very high, but focused on relaxation. So also some quiet music. What jazz and sometimes very classic. I notice that it has not been developed from an audiophile point of view. Both jazz and classical lack depth, it sounds a bit flat. Yes, I know that it is a sports headset and has not been developed for this at all. Nevertheless, I think it is important to appoint.

The Avanca D1 is good and after a while I do not notice that I wear the headset, which is of course very pleasant. I do notice that in some places the connection has a bit of a problem. Perhaps this has to do with the amount of other signals in the vicinity. I walk the same lap and I notice that it always gets difficult in the same places. With running it is actually exactly the same, after a minute or two the Avanca S1 becomes transparent (read D1). He sits firmly and stays in place. But the pleasure that I am no longer attacked and strangled by a cord on the way is the ultimate. It gives a great freedom of movement and that makes for enjoyable running. Running I do in all kinds of weather, except when it is below 10 degrees, it rains, is cold, there is snow or a storm is coming. Yet I have been overwhelmed by a rain shower. The Avanca is ‘all weather proof’. Not for swimming, but he can withstand a splash of rain. Especially when I have to run back home in the rain, I like some music so that my pass accelerates. Rock, house of dance. AC / DC is doing well, but also an Oliver Heldens. Solid music with a good bass. Bas can handle the D1 well, especially with the strong music the Avanca D1 sounds very nice. If we compare the sound with the S1, we find the D1 sounding a bit better. It is not a world of difference, more a point on the i.

I also want to hear the same music at the gym. Fortunately, this is usually a lot dryer. The big plus here is also in force here. No more cord. The D1 remains firmly in place and provides freedom of movement. Occasionally we feel the thread around the back of the head during an exercise. But that is the exercise. A stupid device where I have to put my head on a support.

Then an ultimate movement test … crossfit. If I need freedom of movement somewhere, it is with this sport. Burpees, squats, rope climbing, you name it. For someone who does not know what crossfit is, see it as a fitness workout given by Satan himself. The D1 remains stuck on the head. Positive. If only I could say the same about my condition. Is there a sport where the Avanca D1 is disappointing? Yes, there is; cycling or cycling. As soon as we reach a reasonable speed, the outer sides of the D1 wind begin to catch. I perceive this as noise, wind noise. Another point that struck me is static electric charge. A wool cap with the Avanca or with a rubber sole in the fitness room. This creates a static charge that the Avanca is sensitive to. Fortunately, it is short-lived and I only suffer from it when I touch the headset. Also at the D1 I get very short notice in advance that I almost without power. Something earlier would be nice.


The Avanca S1 and D1 are both bluetooth headsets with a specific application: Sport! And they do well, very well. The sound quality is therefore also focused on active music. Think of pop, rock, dance and house. For audiophile quality you will have to look further. The convenience of sports without a cord, gets used very quickly. I do not want anything else. Both headsets are good and also sit well. One point of criticism is the malfunction. Without real explanatory reason, malfunction occurs sporadically. For the money, however, both headsets are a good purchase.


  • Less suitable for cycling
  • Sporadic disturbances
  • Battery soon after notification empty


  • Good choice for sports
  • Suitable for rock, pop and house
  • Affordable