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Protect your Netflix profile with a PIN: this is how you set it up

To Protect your Netflix profile, Netflix introduced 4 digit pin code verification that will also useful for better parental control.
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To Protect your Netflix profile, not your account with the company, with a PIN can be useful for several reasons. This way, other people with whom you share your account cannot access the content you watch. This is important so that the algorithm does not get confused, so that the personalized content no longer suits you, or because you do not want younger children in the family to secretly look at someone else’s profile that is not intended for them. The latter is precisely the reason why Netflix has taken such measures. Namely, the option was introduced with some parental control options.

But let’s be honest, chances are you are sharing your account with peers, family members or friends. You don’t want someone else to accidentally disrupt your account or watch things and then remove them from your watch list. By setting a pin code, you prevent people from accidentally clicking your profile when they want to watch something. If they do so when they are not paying attention, they are stopped by an extra layer of security, as it were. Without that pin code, they cannot access your viewing history.

Set PIN to Protect your Netflix profile

Let’s be clear about the terminology. By profile we mean the picture that you click on before you start watching. This is your personal environment, with your recommendations, own viewing history and viewing list. An account is something that gives you access to your profile. The account information is also something you share with someone else so they can create their own profile.


You can only set the PIN for your Netflix profile via the company’s website. You go to your account page. You may have to log in first and choose your own profile. You can also get to that page by first going to Netflix.com, clicking on your profile, clicking on your profile picture at the top right and then choosing the Account option.

However you get there, you will eventually end up on your account page. On that page you will see the heading Profile and Parental Control in capital letters on the left. To the right of that are the profiles associated with your account. Press the arrow to the right of your own profile to set a pin code. You do this by clicking on the blue text Change under Profile lock on the right.

Netflix wants to make sure you own the account, so you’ll need to enter your password again first. On the next screen you have to check the empty block. There is the text: Require a pin code to access the profile of [jouw naam]. Enter a four-digit PIN code. You can also choose that new profiles can only be added when someone has your pin code. This is an additional method to prevent young viewers from haphazardly creating profiles to circumvent restrictions.


If you have done all this and confirmed your choice, you will from now on have to enter a pin code when you want to log in to your own profile. It doesn’t matter which device you are watching; you have to remember that code well. If you do not share your account with anyone, you do not need to enter a PIN. If you add a profile afterwards, and you have ticked the option, it is necessary from that moment on.

Each profile on Netflix can thus be provided with a PIN code, but only the owner of the account can set it for other profiles.


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