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Review: Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack : The fantastic zoo simulator now offers "Aquatic" theme with five new animals and several exciting landscape elements.
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Review: Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack : Planet Zoo is a zoo simulator that mixes the best of entertainment with learning in a colorful and interactive package. In short: a game that is almost a necessity for anyone who loves animals.

With available in many languages , the game is very accessible to both young and old. And many children are naturally interested in animals – so this can certainly be a rewarding game where you get to see fur-clad creatures up close, beautifully animated!

The point of this game is to operate everything from employees to buildings and landscape elements. In one moment, children are creative when they think of layout and plant everything from beautiful trees, to paths, signs, benches, candles, cafes and other things that the zoo needs.

In the middle of the core are of course the animals.

These must be taken care of, and it must be ensured that they have a livable and adapted habitat that is as similar as possible to the animals’ actual environment. Food, sleep, shelter, natural surroundings and social needs are all aspects that must be taken care of.

And thus this is a game that teaches children both small and large about animals – at the same time as you get to see these beautiful creatures almost lifelike in the surroundings. And expensive e eat, play, sleep and thrive or thrive depending on how good you are at taking care of them.

Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack

Aquatic Pack  is the latest add-on package that now finally has “the sea” as its theme. From time to time, developers publish new content packages that you can purchase if you wish. Previously, you have been able to explore both north and south with the ” Arctic Pack ” and the ” South America Pack “.

With this round you get access to five new, beautiful animals. Here it is possible to place the king penguin, the giant otter, the gray seal, the dwarf caiman and the diamond turtle. Animals that are quite welcome to see in a zoo in other words.

And it’s great to see water elements in the game – finally! These creatures move around both above and below water.

Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack

The king penguin is really great. These swim underwater and look majestic in one moment, and playful in the other. The gray seal is also beautiful with its “whiskers”. The flexible movements look great under water and everything from feet to arms is animated individually with realistic movements. If you read the update log, you see that the developers have put in the soul and time precisely for the swimming movements to have as much flow as possible under water. And this looks great in practice!

Creeping in the “swamp” you also have the crocodile-like dwarf caiman. Cute and dangerous, exotic and colorful. And not least, the diamond turtle is great to look at with stylish patterns on the shell. There are perhaps “only” five animals in this additional package from Frontier. But in return, these are carefully animated and drawn so that they look really great. And some of the best that has been drawn on the animal front.

That is, even the eyes, feet, mouth and small details of the animals are included. They are as lifelike as they can be in computer game format – and an emerald to the eye. You can spend a lot of time just enjoying the calm swimming strokes of the diamond turtle, or the playful giant otters.

Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack

The park’s theme is also on the menu, where you can decorate the surroundings to reflect the animal kingdom.

Here it is now possible to place 170 new natural elements. It can be restaurants, animal statues, waterfalls, mountains, plants and flowers, walls and fences, and even underwater observation points! In this way, guests can enjoy the animals both above and below the water surface. Food stations can also be placed under water so that you can see the animals eating fish, for example, and you can adjust the height of the water.

With this, one can separate the zoo into even more continents and land areas than ever before.

Aquatic Pack  is a superb addition to a beloved game series. Here you can enjoy new animals, play and be creative with even more landscape elements – and create a larger and more exciting park than ever before.

A new scenario is also on the menu with Oregon in the USA. Here, one should try to bring life to a failing zoo by making the habitats better for the animals, increasing guest satisfaction and grabbing new exciting species.

So what else stands in the way than that? Here there is play, fun and a lot of learning with the wildlife!


Planet Zoo  has been recommended age limit from 3 years by PEGI.

We recommend the game from the age of twelve due to the degree of difficulty. The simulator genre often has more advanced controllers, and in this game you have to make fine adjustments when building in your park, and go through a lot of menus.

Otherwise, there is a lot of children can learn here about understanding the space, keeping animals, prioritizing the budget and more.

The game contains mild forms of violence when animals may end up fighting each other. Dead animals are left on the ground and can be transformed into skeletons over time. There is visible damage to the animals, but no blood or gore beyond that.

People in the game can not be harmed by the animals, but they can be scared if tigers and other predators are released into the park.

Also note that you can buy additional packages with more content for the game.


0-2 years: Under recommended age from PEGI.

3-11 years: Can be challenging for children in this age group. There is a lot to think about, several menus to keep track of and the controls can be complicated.

12-15 years:  Recommended for this age group. Here you can tailor your own zoo all the way down to the level of detail. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do when building and expanding your park. Not least about the needs of all the different animals. The game has a tutorial in the beginning that teaches the basics.

16+:  The game can also provide challenges for young people and adults. By choosing a more challenging mode, this age group can also get something to work on.

Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack – Conclusion

Overall, the Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack expands on the lacking water dimension of the game. This fantastic zoo simulator now offers “the sea” as a theme with five new, beautiful animals and several exciting landscape elements. The addition of the seals and penguins along with finally pre-made waterfalls are the shining parts of this addition. The animals and scenery are all diverse enough that there’s something to fit almost every zoo. Also, it has penguins, and who doesn’t want penguins? For £7.99 ($9.99, €9.99), you definitely get your money’s worth with the Aquatic Pack. However, This game has been recommended age limit by PEGI from three years. The babysitter still chooses to recommend the game from the age of twelve due to the degree of difficulty.

Positives of Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack

  • Five new creatures for your zoo!
  • Animals Talks is a fantastic new addition
  • Plenty of new set pieces to play with
  • Underwater feeding adds a fun dimension
  • A steal at 10 bucks

Cons of Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack

  • Where are the fish?


Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack – Bio

Release date December 8, 2020
Genre Simulator
Developers Frontier Developments
Platforms  Microsoft Windows

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