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Panasonic launches 4G Nubo Cam as a competitor to Nest Cam

Panasonic Nubo Cam security cameras with addition to a WiFi connection specifically 4G connection with a SIM card slot in the device.
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Panasonic Nubo Cam

there is great news for users of security cameras as Panasonic presented the Nubo Cam IP camera during the MWC. It has to compete with Google’s Nest Cam. The biggest difference between the two security cameras is that in addition to a WiFi connection, the Nubo Cam also offers a 4G connection.

Panasonic Nubo Cam with SIM card

The Panasonic Nubo Cam can be controlled worldwide via the mobile phone network and the images can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The Nubo Cam can be set so that it only notifies you when people come into the picture. There is a SIM card slot in the device. The camera costs 349 euros. For prices between 9.99 and 99 euros per month you can take out a subscription so that the images are sent directly to the Panasonic cloud.

Micro SD card and cloud

In addition to the cloud, the Nubo Cam also has a micro SD card slot to store recorded images. The bottom of the camera is magnetic, so it can be attached to metal surfaces by simply placing it down. The camera has an IP64 certificate and can be installed outside if desired.

Also wifi

The Panasonic Nubo Cam does have a WiFi connection, but Panasonic puts the emphasis on the 4G connection. When using this, all images are sent to the server via the mobile telephone network. For the cheapest subscription of ten euros per month, the number of ‘events’ that is recorded in this way is capped at 250. For the most expensive subscription, you pay one hundred euros, but five thousand events may be recorded on the server. With the cheapest subscription, the images are stored for ten days, with the middle subscription of 30 euros thirty days, and with the most expensive subscription ninety days.

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