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Loewe is introducing six new OLED TVs, including the bild i series

Loewe announce bild i series
The German company Loewe announced bild i series which include six new OLED TVs for the Dutch and Belgian markets this week.

Loewe announced bild i series in which six new OLED TVs for the Dutch and Belgian markets will introduce this week. The German company comes with the new bild i-series and adds the bild s.77, bild v.65 and bild v.55 to the range.

Loewe new OLED TVs

Loewe announced bild i series OLED TVs. According to Loewe, the UHD OLED models in the bild i series are aimed at a target group that does not compromise on design and quality. The new series comes in 65, 55 and 48 inch sizes and is manufactured on a production line in Kronach, Franconia. In combination with the Loewe SL7 chassis, an NT7 processor and the new LUX software, the models must provide an optimal viewing experience for a wide variety of content. Standards such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are supported. The optional new klang bar i with eight drivers is available for optimal audio reproduction. The soundbar nestles discreetly against the bottom and back of the display.

The TVs are standard equipped with the integrated digital recorder dr + and 1 TB storage on hard disk. With the Loewe app, recordings can be transferred to other devices, for example to view them on a smartphone or tablet. The Loewe Remote remote control has also been renewed, so that all functions are reached at the touch of a button. The delivery also includes a high-quality kickstand and a magnetic back panel cover to neatly hide all cables.

The television sets in the Loewe bild i line will be available from authorized dealers from spring 2021. Further details on features and pricing will be announced separately well in advance of market launch.

Loewe bild s.77, bild v.65 and bild v.55

The new flagship bild s.77, bild v.65 and bild v.55 come with OLED technology, powerful hardware, integrated dr + hard disk recording and classic design. All three models are made according to the claim “Made in Germany” in Kronach, Franconia. For the bilds, the company relies on handmade production, while the bild v-line is produced on a high-tech production line.

The TVs are based on the new operating system Loewe os6.4, which should offer app compatibility, advanced dr + streaming functions and convenient programming and recording options. All models are equipped with the integrated dr + hard disk and support simultaneous recording of two broadcasts. The programming is set via the EPG or activated at the push of a button on the remote control. The new top models also support permanent timeshift television via Timeshift.

Loewe bild s.77

The bild s.77 features the new SL5 chassis, an SX8 Quad Core processor and a 77-inch OLED display. The main high dynamic range standards – HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision – are supported. Instant Channel Zapping should ensure short switching response times.

The bild s.77 is equipped with kinematics and is responsible for the Loewe Magic Moment. This automatically lifts the screen when activated and provides a view of the soundbar. It is equipped with ten forward-facing drivers and a total power of 120 watts. Among other things, Mimi Defined is supported. This is a technology that analyzes the audio material in real time and adapts it to the user’s listening profile.

The back of the bild s is covered with the Loewe Smart Cover in exclusive graphite gray. This gives the device a stylish 360 degree design. By combining it with the supplied wall bracket or other standard options, optical accents can be set. Loewe offers the table stand motor and the upright motor as accessories. Both solutions are available in graphite gray system color and offer the option of turning the TV set using the remote control and adjusting it to the viewing position.

Loewe bild v.65 and Loewe bild v.55

The models of the bild v-series are available in screen diagonals 65 and 55 inch. The bild v.65 and bild v.55 are also equipped with the latest SL5 chassis, the SX8 Quad Core processor and a 4K OLED panel. HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision are supported. The new table stand is available in the system color basalt gray.

The bild s.77, v.65 and bild v.55 will be available from the fourth quarter of 2020, including wall mount and smart cover. The suggested retail price for the bild v-series is 5,999 euros for the 65-inch model and 3,999 euros for the bild v.55.

In addition to the new TV portfolio, Loewe is introducing new optional installation solutions. The universal floor stand is suitable as an addition to all Loewe products from 43 to 65 inches and is already available in shops with a suggested retail price of 499 euros. The new Loewe flex floor stand is also available for almost all display sizes and with a modular drawer and equipment board for the new Loewe sound bars or for external players such as Blu-ray players or game consoles. This new display solution is available together with the new bild v models for a suggested retail price of 499 euros.

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