Loewe introduced smart radio series, speakers and a soundbar

Loewe introduced smart radio
Loewe introduced smart radio series, speakers and a soundbar. New lineup includes klang s radio, line, klang mr speakers and klang bar soundbars.
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Manufacturer Loewe today presented the new audio portfolio for the coming year. Loewe introduced smart radio series, speakers and a soundbar. In the new line-up we find smart radios from the klang s line, multi-room speakers from the klang mr series and a new Dolby Atmos multi-room soundbar.

Loewe introduced smart radio: Loewe klang s

Loewe introduced smart radio series under the name klang s. It concerns two new smart radios named klang s3 and klang s1.

The Loewe klang s3 is a smart speaker system that combines internet radio, dab / dab + tuner and a CD player in one device. Streaming services such as Amazon Music and Spotify Connect are already integrated. This model has a 60 watt amplifier.

The Loewe klang s1 is a smaller model and, according to the manufacturer, is perfect for use in smaller spaces. With a 40 watt amplifier, display, dab / dab +, internet radio and integrated streaming functions, this model has the same on board as the klang s3, but in a more compact design. The housing is made of brushed aluminum.

Loewe klang mr

The manufacturer comes with three new multiroom speakers named klang mr5, klang mr3 and klang mr1. The three models have a cone-shaped design to ensure a spacious sound throughout the house. The top model, the klang mr5, supports the high-resolution standard FLAC (192kHz) and should also guarantee sufficient fun for demanding hi-fi enthusiasts. The klang mr5 has a total music power of 90 watts and should therefore also be able to fill larger rooms effortlessly. The klang mr3 delivers 60 watts and is suitable for medium-sized rooms. The compact klang mr1 has a total music power of 30 watts and is therefore suitable for smaller rooms.

The new klang mr series are suitable for the new Loewe multiroom platform and can easily be operated in a multiroom setup via Apple AirPlay 2 or Google Cast. In addition, these speakers have a touch screen.

Loewe klang bar5 mr and klang sub5

Finally, the manufacturer comes with a new 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos multiroom soundbar. The smart Loewe klang bar 5 mr, in combination with the Loewe klang sub5 subwoofer, should ensure a good home cinema experience. The system has a total power of 400 watts. Since this is a smart soundbar, you can also stream music from the well-known music streaming services and use Google Cast and Apple AirPlay 2. The soundbar also comes with its own app. The soundbar has three HDMI ports, 4k upscaling and 4k pass-through, which means there is plenty of space for UHD players, set-top boxes and game consoles. Via the new multiroom platform you can easily create multiroom setups and further expand the system.

Prices and availability

All new Loewe audio products will be available in the first quarter of 2021. The prices are as followed:

klang s3: 599 euros
klang s1: 399 euros
klang mr5: 699 euros
klang mr3: 499 euros
klang mr1: 399euro
klang bar5 mr including klang sub5: 1299euro