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iPhone empty quickly? With these tips your battery will last longer!

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iPhone empty quickly: If there is one thing where you as a user can make a difference over the long term, it is your battery. With today’s phones, that doesn’t hurt. Where a Nokia 6010 lasted for a very long time, many smartphones today consumes its battery charge within 36 hours. In this article, we will therefore show you all kinds of ways to effortlessly reach the end of the day. It is nice that most tips are easy and quick to apply.

Updating: it can be that simple for your battery

Although many people can go straight to the next tip, it is important to keep your device up-to-date. In this case that means that you must have or install iOS 13. This software version provides you with the best optimizations for your battery.

Use Dark mode if iPhone empty quickly

Especially if your iPhone has an OLED screen, the dark mode is very useful. Luckily, if you have an iPhone from the last few years, the odds are very high. An OLED screen ensures that pixels that display the ‘color’ black are switched off. A dark wallpaper and apps with a dark mode can save up to 30 percent of power. If you have an older device with an LCD screen, such as an iPhone 6s, you still save power this way. The difference for your battery will only be less than with an OLED screen.

To enable dark mode, go to your settings. Then choose ‘Screen and brightness’ and switch on dark mode manually. You can also determine at what time of the day the dark mode is switched on and off.

The obvious solution for your battery

Yes yes: another piece of cake, but it cannot be missed here. Like many phones, iPhone models also have a saving mode since iOS 9. That mode turns itself on when you only have 20% battery capacity left. Fortunately, it can also turn on manually itself. To do this, go to in settings, then to ‘Battery’ and switch the mode on. In the context of the saving mode, it is also useful to mention that you can also get further without this mode, but with a lower screen brightness.

Turn off 4G (or 3G)

Now that we are home so much, the chances are small that you are constantly on the road. If that is the case, you also make less use of your data. It is a somewhat more far-reaching measure, but it can make up 10 percentage points over a whole day. If your battery is already somewhat worn out, this can be a good tip.

Watch videos elsewhere

With services like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Netflix, we can look away for days from our lives. Still, streaming video content requires a lot of your battery. If you watch videos on your iPhone for an hour less per day, you will immediately notice that it benefits your battery.

Rigorous solutions for your battery

Are you participating in a drop or are you going to a festival? Then it doesn’t hurt to take serious measures if you have forgotten your power bank. Switching everything off, except for the phone, helps. Not only your data, but also your location data, your Wi-Fi and your phone signal. For example, with airplane mode you can get several hours of battery life. Of course your phone will lose a lot of its functionality this way, so this method is only recommended in exceptional situations.

Resetting your iPhone can also help. This way you clean your phone completely and excess memory goes to the trash can. Before doing this, make sure you have a backup of your data. Fortunately, a lot is automatically stored in the cloud, so that makes a big difference.

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