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How do you know if you are buying the new Nintendo Switch or old one?

Buying the new Nintendo Switch? You should know the difference between old switch and new switch. This article explains all.

Nintendo released a new Switch model last year, but the original is still being sold in places. That is why in this article, we will explain how you can differentiate when buying that either new Nintendo Switch or old one.

The latest, still very much called the Nintendo Switch , is available in stores for the same price as the original. It comes with better battery life, which is pretty much the only noticeable difference, to be honest. However, since many stores have original stock, how can you tell the difference?

buying the new Nintendo Switch vs Old Nintendo Switch

Last year, Nintendo quietly announced a new Nintendo Switch. But it is an update of the old model, rather than a complete Nintendo Switch 2. The new model has a better battery life – about an extra two hours. It also has a new processor, although that’s more for improving power consumption than boosting performance.

How to know which switch you are buying

If you want to find the latest Nintendo Switch, which is available in stores since mid-August 2019, here’s what you can do:


Look at the box with the switch:

The packaging of the latest Nintendo Switch (2019) has a bright red background.

The packaging of the old Nintendo Switch has a gray background with one hand.

Serial Number

Then confirm the serial number.

The new switch must have a serial number – located on the bottom of the console – that starts with the letters XKW . Some online retailers, such as Amazon, may even include the serial number in their product listings.

Model codes and numbers

Unfortunately, many online retailers don’t show the serial number and can even show the packaging of the old Switch, so to be extra sure when shopping online, be sure to check the model number on the listing too.

The new Nintendo Switch has a model code that starts with HAD :

  1. HADSKABAA for the model with the blue and red Joy-Con controllers
  2. HADSKAAAA for the model with gray Joy-Con controllers

Note: Original Nintendo Switch models start with the letters HAC .

In addition, check the model number on the back when holding the new Nintendo Switch in your hands. The new Nintendo Switch has a number that should be HAC-001 (-01), while the original has the model number HAC-001.

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