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Among Us: 10 tips & tricks for beginners or saboteurs

Among Us: 10 tips & tricks : This article will help for beginners or saboteurs to understand the game better and improve their gameplay
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Among Us: 10 tips & tricks: Are you planning to play ‘Among Us’ and need some beginner tips or do you want to get even better at being a saboteur?  in this article of Among Us: 10 tips & tricks, We list the best tips and tricks.

The premise in ‘Among Us’ is simple: ten astronauts search for a saboteur, while they have to perform many simple tasks. If the crewmates have completed all tasks or all saboteurs have been exposed, they win. The saboteurs – one to three per game – win when they are in the majority.

Among Us: 10 tips & tricks

Keep in mind the whereabouts of others

Among Us is all about exposing the saboteur (s) as quickly as possible. It is therefore useful to keep in mind who went in a certain direction with you and who entered a space. When you find one of those two dead a little later, you can pass the tip on to the group. You will also find a map with the names of the different rooms at the top right of the screen. All too often the first question after reporting a corpse is “Where?”

Memorize the map so you know where a murder happened


Tasks! Tasks! Tasks!

It sounds logical, but do your tasks! Finding out who the saboteur is from the start, by chasing them often ends in the opposite way: either you will be killed yourself or you will follow an innocent crewmate who will find your actions very suspicious. Once you’ve completed all your duties, you’ll have plenty of time to hunt for other suspects.

Walk for your life

In the game, the group is sometimes startled by emergencies such as a reactor meltdown or the cut-off of the oxygen supply. If the emergency is not resolved within the specified time, the saboteurs win. The other group members will also find it suspicious if you don’t walk towards the emergency or if you delay for a long time.

Check the cameras

In the security you can view the cameras of your map in order to expose the saboteur. For example, if you see a saboteur emerge from an air vent: walk to the emergency button to report it to the group.

The cameras provide a view of the corridors


Check for bogus tasks

Unlike the other group members, the saboteur has no real tasks. He or she has to fake his tasks by standing on the task and waiting there for a while. You will not see an increase in the number of solved tasks, you can keep an eye on that at the top left of the screen. There are also only tasks that take place visually. For example, you can see in the medical room when someone has a scan. A saboteur cannot do that. You can also see the emptying of the waste container happening visually.

Tips for saboteurs


You can sabotage all kinds of things via the card. This ranges from closing the doors of a room to shutting off the oxygen supply. The sabotage ensures that the crewmates are busy solving the sabotages and thus cannot work on their tasks. You can also turn off the light, for example, so that the other astronauts will hardly see anything. You can take advantage of that moment to kill someone unnoticed or close the doors of a room so that no one can notice you during the murder, after which you can disappear through the ventilation grilles.

To disappear

A saboteur can use the ventilation grilles in ‘Among Us’ to disappear from a crime scene . You can make good use of this when you expect others to enter the space soon. You have to wait a while before you can commit another murder and witnesses cannot immediately kill you. Therefore, flee through the ventilation grilles, but check the exit before you jump out. You don’t want others to notice you.

Be smart with your fake duties

As described above, a saboteur cannot perform tasks. That is why it is best to stay far away from the visual tasks, such as emptying the waste. In that case, trained players know immediately that you are a saboteur. It is best, for example, to deal with electricity tasks and to walk decisively to the next (sub) task. After playing a few times, you will know approximately how long a certain task takes and which ones follow each other. Also keep an eye on the bar at the top left, because a saboteur does not contribute to that. For example, you could wait for the bar to replenish before moving on to your next bogus task.


A seemingly smart tactic is self-reporting of corpses. Because who would you suspect if you discovered it? Although this is a dangerous tactic, others could accuse you of self-report and vote for you. It is therefore best to stay out of sight, although it can sometimes be the right tactic to report the body.

Sometimes wait (but not too long)

It’s tempting to kill another player right away, but know that a lot of players start from the same point in the beginning. So it could be that another player walks into the same room seconds after the murder. Who then stands with the corpse cannot but be suspected. By the way, you also have to take into account the cooldown , so that you cannot eliminate potential witnesses. Although you shouldn’t wait too long, because your fellow saboteurs may have already started killing hard. So that one murder can make the difference to win the game.

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