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Affordable bluetooth speakers: Five options that also fit in your backpack

Review: Affordable bluetooth speakers
Review: In this review we will discuss five models of Affordable bluetooth speakers from various companies that also fit in your backpack
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When Sonos Move was introduced, the biggest criticism was that this “Move” was not necessarily very suitable for “on the move.” It is large, relatively heavy and therefore not easy to carry in a backpack. But, which bluetooth speakers are suitable for traveling? We have selected a number of portable and affordable bluetooth speakers for you.

Bluetooth speakers

We have made a selection of bluetooth speakers, each for 60 euros or less. There are speakers of 25 euros, but also of 60 euros. Charging with all these speakers is via micro USB, which is a pity. After all, the chance is higher in 2020 that you have a USB-C charger with you that you use for your phone. Also good to know in advance: in this price range we actually do not see speakers that also use a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant. On the other hand, most speakers have a microphone so that you can make hands-free calls.

Although each speaker has its own strengths, they also have in common that they are portable, not too heavy and of good quality. So you can listen to your favorite music in the park, on the beach or even by the pool via Bluetooth connection.

Sony SRS-XB12

Sony’s SRS-XB12 has a shape and size that we don’t often see in speakers. Do we see it, then it is usually with speakers that are somewhat disappointing in terms of sound. This Sony copy is the exception to the rule, because with its convex size it still manages to give a good bass and good sound. That on a battery that promises to last sixteen hours, but with a range of just under ten meters. To keep it handy, a carrying loop has been added, but you can remove it if you want.

Microphone: yes
IP rating: IP67
Colors : 5
Price: 45-55 euros (June 2020)


Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Sony SRS-XB12 is not the only gadget that is an exception to the ‘small convex speaker’ rule. There is also the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, slightly more robust and slightly larger. This is in a somewhat higher price range, but can be found new for less than 60 euros. The battery does not last as long, namely thirteen hours, but it does have a considerable wireless range of 33 meters. And, nice detail: this speaker is made to float in the water.

Microphone: no
IP rating: IP67
Colors: 5
Price: 60-70 euros (June 2020)


Anchor Soundcore 2

Actually we are even more fond of the Anker Soundcare Flare Mini, because it has better sound quality and a special design, but because of its price it falls just outside this article. Fortunately, Anker Soundcore 2 is a bluetooth speaker that will surprise you. This slightly larger portable speaker has a playing time of no less than 24 hours. It’s a bit heavier, but you’ll forgive him for that when you hear the sound coming out. With a range of twenty meters, you can safely walk away with your phone. In terms of design, the Anker Soundcore 2 is not the sexiest speaker, but the fact that you can use it for so long makes this a very suitable speaker for a weekend away to a festival, for example.

Microphone: yes
IP rating: IPX5
Colors: 3
Price: 35-40 euros (June 2020)


JBL Go 2

JBL has already become a frequently seen bluetooth speaker manufacturer profile, although at the moment you often see the very square JBL Go. His successor is slightly refined in design. Do not expect too long a battery life, because of all the boxes in this article, JBL Go 2 is the fastest empty: in five hours it is done. Still, that little device comes out pretty good with solid bass. It is water resistant which makes it a perfect speaker for the pool.

Microphone: yes
IP Rating: IPX7
Colors: 12 (! )
Price: 25-30 euros (June 2020)


JBL Clip 3

JBL Clip 3 is slightly more expensive than the JBL GO 2 just discussed, but for this you get a funny design that you can easily attach to a bag. Where JBL GO 2 is also a frequent guest, that is in the bathroom. You can also easily hang it from a shower rod or curtain. In addition, the speaker has a beautiful fabric section with which it has a more luxurious appearance. The biggest plus, however, is the battery life of 16 hours. This gives this JBL a huge lead over its smaller brother.

Microphone: yes
IP rating: IPX7
Colors: 12
Price: 45-55 euros (June 2020)


Affordable bluetooth speakers: Final words

These speakers all fit well in the bag, but can also be used indoors. For example, they are also regularly used to “amplify” the sound of an iPad (the sound then passes entirely over the Bluetooth speaker), for example for people with hearing problems. They have also found their way to nurseries, for example, because they give just enough sound to listen to with a small group of children in a room, while they take up little space. Handy for in the bag, but also just as handy in a fixed place in the house.