42-inch OLED TV and 77-inch brighter OLED TVs are on the way

In the recent developments, LG announced the new 42-inch OLED TV while Sony announced the 77-inch brighter OLED TV soon to enter in market.
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Two big companies Sony and LG has announces the arrival of 42-inch OLED TV and 77-inch brighter OLED TV respectively.

42-inch OLED TV

Since last year we have seen 48-inch OLED televisions appear, which is a welcome addition for many who are looking for a somewhat smaller television but a high-quality image quality. Still, LG Display thinks there are those looking for an even smaller screen, possibly for a computer or a small bedroom. LG Display will therefore introduce 42-inch OLED TV panels in 2021. Later, even smaller panels of 20-inch and 30-inch will be on the market, mainly aimed at gaming and personal displays.

83-inch OLED

Sony already betrayed it during the presentation of its 2021 TV line-up: 83-inch OLED televisions are coming. Currently 88-inch, 77-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 48-inch are the standard sizes. 83-inch is added as a new size.

Next generation OLED

In addition to the size of OLED panels, hard work has also been done on improving OLED panels. LG Display therefore announces the next generation of OLED panels, which are equipped with a higher brightness. The panels have a 20 percent higher efficiency, according to LG Display, which in all likelihood amounts to a higher brightness. LG itself is expected to announce the first next-generation panels in televisions this week. The higher brightness will initially only come to panels that are 77-inch or larger in size.

LG will most likely use the improved OLED panels for the higher G and W series, which are the premium models. The new name for this will be ‘OLED Evo’. The lower BX and CX series will probably have to do without a panel with higher brightness.