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2018 Samsung TVs support 120Hz FreeSync and VRR

Samsung announced this week that several premium LCD LED TVs that the company brings to the Netherlands and Belgium this year support FreeSync up to 120Hz. In addition, the Korean manufacturer indicates that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is supported.

Samsung has good news for the gamers among us, because the NU800o series and QLED TVs of the company support FreeSync up to 120Hz. This means that the televisions can display a signal of up to 120Hz at full HD resolution. The FreeSync technique should ensure a smooth and smooth gameplay.

In addition, the TVs support Variable Resfresh Rate (VRR), which means that the refresh rate of the screen is adjusted to the source. This feature was announced last year with the HDMI 2.1 standard but can therefore be implemented as a separate feature by manufacturers, even though the TVs do not have HDMI 2.1.

Samsung also indicates that the input Lay of the new televisions is reduced to 15.4 milliseconds. When Variable Refresh Rate is enabled, this can decrease to less than 7 milliseconds. It is also possible to use Fast FRC (frame rate compensation) which activates the motion compensation technique from Samsung and has an input of 24ms.

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