‘Spotify wants to make free version streaming service more flexible’

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Music streaming service Spotify would like to make its free version more flexible in order to attract more people. The aim is to make the platform more accessible on mobile devices and to give users more control over what they exactly hear.

Spotify wants to make free service more flexible – rumor

Spotify may want its streaming service for people who do not pay more flexibly to make. Bloomberg writes that the company wants to tweak the free version on mobile devices, so that use can be simplified. For example, people on mobile devices should be able to access their playlists more easily and have more control over what they hear. Now it is still true that users of the free service can not hear a specific song from a playlist and that they should listen to shuffle.

Free users should therefore have a little more control, but complete control is still only available for paying customers. Spotify still gets a lot of criticism about the free version. That would bring harm to artists, because there is no money in the drawer. However, the company says that many free users switch to the paid variant, and that this free variant is therefore indispensable in their strategy. By giving free users a little more freedom, more people may be sold.