Sales of the PlayStation 4 are falling for the first time

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It seems that the sales of the PlayStation 4 peaked. Sales fell for the first time. Sony has announced that it will sell nineteen million copies in 2017. That is less than the twenty million in 2016.

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Sony reports today in his annual report . At the same time, the company makes a forecast for this year. In 2018, fewer would be sold: around sixteen million. By way of comparison: Nintendo thinks that in the same period twenty million Switch consoles will go over the counter.

Still, Sony will still be satisfied with the current track record. PlayStation 4. A total of 76 million have already been sold, which means that the console is still outperforming its predecessor this year in total numbers. Furthermore, Sony invariably gets more revenue from the PlayStation branch.

Last year the total revenue of the PlayStation branch grew by 17.8 percent compared to a year earlier. The operating profit from this industry was even 1.62 billion dollars. That’s because Sony is selling more and more PlayStation 4 software and the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers continues to grow.

In 2018, Sony expects lower hardware sales, but the company thinks that sales will grow by seven percent. This is mainly due to the good performance of the software branch of PlayStation. And then it is still waiting for the moment that the PlayStation 5 ever comes.