Your opinion: Which games should be on a PlayStation Classic Edition?

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Last Friday we posted the message that Sony does not exclude the arrival of a PlayStation Classic Edition in advance. In an interview with the website, John Kodera from Sony Interactive Entertainment was asked this question. Although Kodera did not specifically address this issue, the door was not immediately closed and that resulted in food for speculation. Sony is indeed working on this subject, it turns out, and how cool would it be if the example of Nintendo were followed in this?

Nintendo released the NES Mini and the SNES Mini and both devices over the last two years. were a resounding success. It did not stop there. So you can buy a Commodore 64 Mini and there is a SEGA Mega Drive Mini on the road. Sony can not really stay behind, right?

If such a PlayStation Classic Edition comes up, then there is an immense library to choose from. But what would Sony have to choose to supply with the device? You can always dream aloud and we are happy to do this together with you. Provided there is a PlayStation Classic Edition, there can not be an unlimited number of games on it. For example, look at the 30 games that came with the NES Mini. At the SNES Mini there were only 21. A choice must therefore be made whereby we can safely assume that there is a maximum of 25 titles.

Titles that might just be present are Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto II, Rayman, Ridge Racer, Tekken 2, Driver and so on. For the rest, we leave the choice to you. Do you see a PlayStation Classic Edition? Let us know which 25 games you would like to see on this device! We are also curious why you choose for certain titles. Do not hesitate to give your opinion and let us know which games you would like to play on a PlayStation Classic Edition!