How to set Google Assistant as an alarm clock

This article will explain that how to set Google Assistant as an alarm clock and other available options along with.
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Why would you choose the Google Assistant as your alarm clock? That is very simple: it works and you set it up very simply. You do not have to buy additional hardware for this if you already have a smartphone or smart speaker. You can choose to wake up to different things, such as the news or your own music. You could also use that speaker to fall asleep, for example by requesting background noise or calming sounds. This article will explain that how to set Google Assistant as an alarm clock.

What is also useful: if you have a smart display on your bedside table, you can use it as a kind of old-fashioned clock radio. The clock can be displayed on the screen in the evening. You do not have to invest extra in digital clock radios, although they will be much more extensive in terms of radio offer, of course. Whichever form you choose, in this article we’ll tell you how to set an alarm with the Google Assistant.

Set Google Assistant as an alarm

If you are already a bit familiar with the Google Assistant, you will undoubtedly already have an idea how this works. It is very simple. You can set your alarm for the day after or arrange everything immediately for the entire week, if you have to get out of bed every day around the same time.

For example, you can say, “Hey Google, set my alarm for 7:30 tomorrow morning”. The Assistant will then repeat your choice and set it. If you use a smart display, you can also ask Google to provide an overview of all your set alarm clocks. You do that, for example, by saying “Hey Google, show all my alarm clocks”.

If you change your mind, no problem. Then you just say, “Hey Google, cancel my alarm for tomorrow morning”. Otherwise, you can use the following voice command to make sure: “Hey Google, cancel all alarms”. Some commands that work even more are:

  • Hey Google, set an alarm for 8am every day.
  • Hey Google, what alarms have been set?

If you don’t want to open your eyes in the morning (we understand that), you can also ask the Google Assistant what time it is, of course. “Hey Google, what time is it?” Works fine for that. The same goes for “Hey Google, what date is it?” and “Hey Google, what day is it?”.

Even more options

You also have a number of other options. How about the following voice commands for specific situations?

  • Hey Google, snooze the alarm.
  • Hey Google, snooze the alarm for seven minutes.

If you want to stop the alarm, you can do so by shouting “Hey Google, stop”. If you have a smart display, you can also press the button on the screen to turn that alarm off. You can also tap on the top of the Google Home or on the side of the Google Nest Mini.

If you would like to wake up to your own music, that is also possible – you have to set the digital voice assistant in English. On the support page from Google you will find examples of commands that you can use. Then think of:

  • Set a Rolling Stones alarm for 8 am. (Set a Rolling Stones alarm for 8:00 am)
  • Set a Lego Friends alarm for 6 am tomorrow. (Set a Lego Friends alarm at 6 a.m. tomorrow)

It is also possible to set routines for both the evening and the morning. In the evening you can shout “Hey Google, sleep well”, after which the lights go out, the heating goes out, etc. In the morning you can say “Hey Google, good morning”, which will make the coffee maker start to simmer, turn the heating on again, and so on.