Google Stadia is finally coming to iOS, but not through the App Store

Soon Google Stadia to iOS will be available. However, it will not done through the App Store. Instead, a web application.
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Soon Google Stadia to iOS will be available. However, it will not done through the App Store.

Google Stadia to iOS

Instead, Google Stadia will soon be offered as a web application, as is the case with Nvidia and Microsoft. The search engine giant says it has been working on the progressive web app for a while, which works in Apple’s Safari browser. Microsoft is planning the same; xCloud comes that way next year to iOS. However, Google now wants to get rid of Microsoft and wants to release a version in the coming weeks that can be tested by everyone.

Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia must rely on this kind of practice, as Apple unnecessarily complicates the rules regarding video game streaming. The restrictions had already been loosened up after a lot of criticism, but there are still rules that actually prevent other companies from setting up a good service. For example, each game must have its own page within the App Store, each game must be assessed separately and each game must be able to be purchased separately by the consumer.

The iOS announcement coincides with the one-year anniversary of Google Stadia. The company is therefore taking the opportunity to announce other things as well, such as the fact that more free-to-play games are coming to the platform soon. It was previously announced that Destiny 2 is completely free to play via Stadia. Anyone with a Google account can play that game on Stadia, you don’t have to pay ten euros a month for that.

In addition, it is now clear that State Share will be launched in January, together with Hitman 3. With State Share, for example, streamers can share the exact point within the game with other people, so that everyone can play from the same point.

It’s not clear how many people currently subscribe to Google Stadia. However, Google has released other figures. For example, eighty games have been launched on the platform in the past twelve months. The counter must be at 135 before the end of the year. It is also true that more than a hundred new functions have been added in the past year. Thus sharing became for the family recently introduced.