Apple Music has 40 million paying subscribers and a new boss

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Apple has announced that its music streaming service Apple Music currently has more than forty million paying subscribers. In addition, it emerged that the service is provided with a new boss, namely Oliver Schusser. That is a growth of ten million customers in six months.

Apple Music has 40 million paid subscribers

Apple’s music streaming service, known on the iPhone and Apple TV, currently has forty million paying subscribers, reports [19659004] Variety . In addition, The Verge confirmed that a new boss for Apple Music has been appointed, namely Oliver Schusser. Schusser will report directly to senior vice president Eddy Cue and will oversee other online services in addition to the music streaming service. For example, the App Store and the company’s music store from Cupertino, iTunes.

In the past, Schusser has already led teams that have introduced various services and components for the App Store, iTunes and iBooks. In addition, the man has already been responsible for contact with record companies and publishers outside the United States. That makes Schusser the preferred candidate to take on this role, as Apple is working hard to recruit new Apple Music subscribers outside the United States. In September, Music still had about thirty million subscribers.