Ziggo tests new media box with 4k support and voice control

Ziggo Horizon 4
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Ziggo is currently testing a new media box with a small group of users. This box offers support for content in 4k, as well as voice control. You perform the voice commands via the remote control. In addition, the media box can run various apps.

New Ziggo media box

Ziggo is currently working on a new media box. This box can offer content in 4k, allowing you to watch series on Netflix in the original quality. But also for example Formula 1 on the Sport channel. At the moment not many people are participating in the test and there is only a limited amount of media boxes distributed among the users. It is unclear when a large group can participate in trying. It is also unknown whether this will be the case in the near future.

We already know about the new Ziggo mediabox that there will be fewer connections, because the device is more compact than the Horizon XL box. Present are the connection for the power supply, an optical output for digital audio, ethernet, usb, hdmi, an aux port and the coax connection. Thus no devices can be connected via LAN; that is possible with the current player (who has three extra LAN connections). In addition, the remote control is simpler and there is no more keyboard on the back.