YouTube supports high dynamic range on Xbox consoles

YouTube in HDR on Xbox: YouTube finally make it possible for Xbox viewers to watch YouTube videos in high dynamic range format
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YouTube has made it possible to watch videos in high dynamic range (HDR) on an Xbox console from Microsoft from now on. The HDR support works on the older Xbox One S and Xbox One X and the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. If you have a TV or monitor with HDR support, you can enjoy the wider color spectrum. The app switches automatically when needed.

YouTube in HDR on Xbox

Previously, you could not watch HDR videos within the YouTube application on your Xbox game console. And that while PlayStation 4 owners have been able to do so since 2019. Both new game consoles – the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – launched late last year without the HDR support. Unfortunately, the PS5 has not yet received support. That’s a step back when you compare this to what the PS5 offers.

If you are unsure whether the YouTube app actually displays videos in HDR, you can check it in two ways. Firstly, many televisions show a small message on the screen when the HDR mode is activated, so you can pay attention to that (Android TV does this, for example, at the bottom right). In addition, it is possible to open statistics for nerds within the app. This is an option within the player of the video streaming service. If you activate that option, all kinds of data will be displayed.

It is now up to the content creators to upload more videos in HDR. The most viewed videos with high dynamic range are years old and are usually test videos that show that it is possible and what it looks like. There are also trailers available with the onboard support, but that’s something we’ve only really come across in the last few months. Everyday content creators have not yet embraced the format. For the time being, it is still a matter of waiting for available content.

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