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You need to know Apple TV, AirPlay 2 and Homekit on smart TVs

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Anyone who thought that Apple would come up with its own TV is still wrong, but that does not mean that Apple is ignoring the still most important screen in the living room. In fact, Apple is fully committed to television and has recently brought three of its own features to smart TVs from different manufacturers. The Apple TV app (for Apple TV +), AirPlay 2 and HomeKit (Home) are appearing on more and more TVs. What are these functions exactly and on which televisions can you find them?

Apple TV app on smart TVs

The Apple TV app is, despite the name suggesting otherwise, not a complete replacement of the Apple TV box that you can buy separately. It is an app for smart TVs that gives you access to Apple TV +, Apple’s streaming service. In addition, you can still rent or buy films and series from iTunes via this app and Apple offers its own “TV channels”. Apple TV + and iTunes are particularly interesting for Dutch and Belgians. In addition to being able to use the app on a select number of smart TVs, you can also find the app on Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV box.

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On which TVs do you find the Apple TV app?

The big one The question is, of course, on which televisions the Apple TV app can be downloaded and used. This is because only a small number of televisions, including Samsung, Sony and LG. LG and Samsung offer the app on televisions that were released in 2018 or later. Note that some older models still have to receive an update that adds the app. Keep an eye on this Apple page for a recent list of TVs that support the Apple TV app. For LG and Sony models, the TVs that support AirPlay 2 also have access to the Apple TV app.

AirPlay 2 on smart TVs

AirPlay 2 is a feature that we are also seeing on more and more televisions. This makes it possible to wirelessly stream media from an Apple device to your television. Simply put, it means that you can stream everything you watch on your iPhone, iPad or iMac directly to your TV (with the exception of Netflix). In addition, AirPlay 2 makes it possible to use the speakers of your TV as part of a multi-room system. If you have multiple speakers that are compatible with AirPlay 2, you can have them play together with the speakers of your television. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to stream audio from your television to other speakers in the house.

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On which TVs can you find AirPlay 2?

AirPlay 2 is currently available on televisions from Samsung, LG and Sony. Apple itself has put a list online in which all compatible models are shown. This list is regularly updated.

HomeKit (Home) on smart TVs

Finally, Apple offers TV manufacturers the option of adding HomeKit (in the Dutch Apple Home) to their television. This means that the TV can become part of the smarthome system that you have set up with HomeKit. For example, you can control certain functions of your television with your iPhone or iPad, or even through voice thanks to Siri. You can also use the television as part of scenes within HomeKit (Home). For example, you can close the curtains, dim the lights and switch on the TV with one push of a button or one voice command.

Apple has unfortunately not put a list online with televisions that support HomeKit, but looking at the suitable models it is currently the case that all televisions that support AirPlay 2 also support HomeKit. Manufacturers are currently rolling out AirPlay 2 to televisions together with HomeKit. However, there is one exception: Samsung has chosen not to support HomeKit, while AirPlay 2 is supported.


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