You can now create temporary speaker groups on Nest Hub

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Google is now making it easier to create a temporary speaker groups (also called dynamic audio groups) on Nest Hub in the house, which has smart speakers installed. Then you can use the smart screen of the search engine giant, but you can also do that with another smart display that you have at home.

Create temporary speaker groups during speaker groups with Nest Hub

Normally, you are supposed to create a speaker group via the Google Home application. You make them before you play music on all smart speakers in the house. But from now on that can also be done differently: you can create a temporary speaker group via the Nest Hub or other smart display . This is possible when you play audio. You go to the play screen, where you press the Cast button at the bottom left.

Here you will find a list of smart speakers, smart displays and Chromecast devices at home. If you have not yet received the update, you can choose a different speaker to play your music here.

After the update, there will be an empty square that can be ticked. When you’ve given it a check, that speaker, display, or Chromecast device becomes part of your temporary speaker group. As before, it is possible to adjust the volume per speaker or device. This works with all apps that are currently supported.

Google says that the Nest Hub and similar devices can suddenly offer a more complete experience when it comes to audio. The update will be rolled out to all users with a Nest Hub or smart display starting today.