YG Acoustics Peaks Series & Vantage Live

YG Acoustics, a Colorado-based manufacturer of high-end audio industry products, officially announces YG Acoustics Peaks Series & Vantage Live
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YG Acoustics, a Colorado-based manufacturer of high-end audio industry products, officially announces the launch of two new loudspeaker product lines, the Peaks Series and Vantage Live. These innovations were first unveiled at HIGH END Munich 2022, the leading internationally renowned audio exhibition.

“Our new loudspeakers were met with an overwhelmingly warm welcome in Munich,” said Dr. Matthew Webster, CTO of YG Acoustics. “Enthusiasm came from both traditional audiophiles and those new to high-end audio. We had people come back to the room over and over again, with many commenting that it was the best sound they had ever heard at a show.”

The Peaks Series includes five new speaker models plus a powered subwoofer, bringing a new benchmark for performance at the price of each model. Each model excels in rooms of any size, across all genres of music, and is offered in high-quality finishes to suit every style of home. The series includes the Cairn, Tor, Talus, Ascent, Summit, and Descent loudspeakers.

Featuring YG’s proprietary drivers, which are mounted in precision-machined thick aluminum front baffles, the Peaks Series combines YG’s cutting-edge science and engineering services to deliver speaker performance without compromise. Every aspect of the speakers, from the drivers, cabinets and filters to the coating, lacquer and internal wiring, has been carefully selected and modeled to deliver the most accurate musical performance possible.

“Recreating a live performance with incredible realism, the speakers have a sophistication and musicality that draws listeners into the music,” added Webster. “Powerful yet detailed and delicate, Peaks speakers are a music lover’s dream come true.”

Vantage Live is a complete audio system: two compact 3-way speakers and a driver that deliver amazing audio quality combined with exceptional comfort and installation flexibility.

The culmination of many years of research and development between YG, Cambridge Acoustic Sciences and Bel Canto Design, Vantage Live takes advantage of advanced DSP filters and custom amplification to deliver unprecedented dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion at all volume levels. This unique audio system is compatible with everything from streaming to vinyl and exceeds any performance expectation of an integrated system, rivaling the best performance achievable from traditional multi-component hi-fi systems.

“Our revolutionary audio solutions provide the clearest windows into performance and will have you coming back to hear all your favorite records,” Webster continued. “They communicate every nuance of emotion, every musical key, from the tiniest microdetail to the physical impact of the loudest crescendo.”

YG products combine state-of-the-art technology, world-class computational modeling, and the best in precision engineering. The audio product maker’s highly sophisticated CNC machining shop allows the company to produce its own drivers and most other precision parts in-house, which is exceptionally rare in an age of outsourcing and mass production. For more information on YG Acoustics, the Peaks Series, and Vantage Live loudspeakers, please visit