YG Acoustics DualCoherent 2 launched

YG Acoustics DualCoherent 2 launched with the powerful modeling capabilities of Cambridge Acoustic Sciences (CAS).

YG Acoustics is pleased to announce YG Acoustics DualCoherent 2, a significant advancement in one of our core and unique technologies.

DualCoherent 2 is based on the industry-leading crossover technology, YG Acoustics DualCoherent, further optimized through the powerful modeling capabilities of Cambridge Acoustic Sciences (CAS).

Working together with CAS, we measure the electronic and acoustic behavior of our patented drive units with unprecedented precision. Leveraging the petaflop compute pool at CAS, we were able to build detailed models that address the elaborate interaction of the amplifier, crossover, drive units, cabinet, and listening room, all simulated with high-resolution real music playback.

Precisely designed and optimized around the detailed phase and frequency behavior of YG’s proprietary drivers, DualCoherent 2 matches phase to an extraordinary level at the point of crossover. Additionally, current requirements are substantially reduced, further expanding the range of amplifier options available to customers.

DualCoherent 2 is implemented with the best audio electronics, including ViseCoil bass inductors, massive and highly resistant to vibrations, machined and built in-house by YG. Other components include cost-free options such as Mundorf MCap SUPREME EVO SilverGold capacitors and MResist SUPREME resistors.


DualCoherent 2 was originally intended for implementation on the Sonja XV platform. Further substantial research and development has resulted in the extension of DualCoherent 2 crossover technology throughout the Sonja product line.

In the future, all Sonja XV, Sonja XV Studio and Sonja 2 series loudspeakers will include an “i” suffix in the model name. The ‘i’ designation will indicate an improved version of the model by including DualCoherent 2 filtration technology.

All previous Sonja XV, Sonja XV Studio, Sonja 1 and Sonja 2 series loudspeakers can be upgraded to the DualCoherent 2 specification. This upgrade can be achieved “in the field”. It is not necessary to return the speakers to the factory.