YAMAHA R-N2000A – A next-generation Network HiFi Receiver

YAMAHA R-N2000A - A next-generation Network HiFi Receiver - Live the sound down to its smallest details with YAMAHA R-N2000A

Sound image, dynamics and tonal balance are the three premises on which Yamaha has focused to create this new Hi-Fi receiver and offer the audio quality that only Yamaha is capable of achieving. With it, it is best to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the music to feel the artist as if he is performing right in front of you or immerse yourself in games and movies.

Yamaha, a leading company in the manufacture of sound systems, presents its new Hi-Fi receiver: R-N2000A.

Drawing on Yamaha’s musical heritage and the firm’s acclaimed Hi-Fi products, this stereo receiver is here to transform the living room into a space with truly impressive sound. A state-of-the-art product that effortlessly merges the new generation of music listening, such as high-resolution music streaming, with traditional Hi-Fi quality.

True Sound Yamaha True Sound

Whether it’s music, movies, or the most immersive gaming experiences, there’s a reason behind every sound. Therefore, Yamaha is able to express through this product each sound as the artist intended. A sound that has an incredibly detailed and precise timbre in each note, with an emotional contrast between stillness and movement. A sound that is capable of moving the listener directly to the music concert, the television program or the game.

Thus, this receiver reproduces sound elements such as voices, instruments, TV dialogue and sound effects in the correct pitch and accurately. In fact, to achieve this, he works through tonal balance, enriching the harmonies and recreating the musicality to hear sounds that the listener could never hear before.

Choruses, guitar harmonies, a jazz musician taking a breath before the next piece of music, this is what is experienced through the dynamics between the notes and a sense of atmosphere as if you were really there. To this is added the importance of silences because music, in essence, is a connection of one sound with another. And it is that Yamaha pursues the dynamics in the sound to contrast the stillness and the movement because it is not only the sounds that are powerful, but the silences. In the same way, the firm approaches spatial expression with nuances and precision, reproducing not only the position of an instrument or artist, but also the movement that occurs behind it.

Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAOTM)

In fact, environmental factors play an important role with any type of audio. That’s why Yamaha’s YPAOTM automatic calibration technique has been refined for decades across home theater systems, eventually being optimized in this product. The goal: to be able to provide the ideal listening environment, as if you were in a professional audio room, without the need for any laborious manual adjustments. In this way, the YPAOTM tuning system uses an equalizer that performs equalization with exceptionally high precision up to 192 kHz at 64-bit audio resolution. Meanwhile, YPAOTM RSC (Reflected Sound Control) works together to actively control important early reflection sounds, automatically adjusting and optimizing room listening based on wall materials and speaker placement.

toroidal transformer

The Yamaha R-N2000A benefits from the technical proficiency and absolute musicality of a toroidal transformer. Combined with a host of hi-fi components and features, such a transformer helps ensure that the musical emotion is delivered to the listener. Additionally, a 3mm brass base is sandwiched between the bottom of the transformer and the internal chassis to control vibrations, delivering an overwhelmingly spacious sound packed with realism.

high performance DACs

In the search for a clear and transparent sound field reproduction at the same time, which manages to deliver a rich and fully detailed level of musicality, the brand has adapted the latest generation ES9026PRO digital-to-analog converter from ESS Technologies. This high-quality DAC achieves high-precision signal conversion via balanced analog audio output and even more refined power delivery for four-channel operation, effectively reproducing even subtle room ambience. of concerts and the delicate expressive nuances of sound.

Low impedance for premium quality

To completely eliminate power loss and audio signal degradation, this receiver features thick ground wires, a characteristic of truly premium Hi-Fi components. Also, a screw connection has been adopted for the output of the power amp section, in order to strengthen the ground connection, ultimately achieving an open and natural soundstage.

No unwanted vibrations

R-N2000A employs the mechanical floor concept, starting with the leg bolts welded directly to the main chassis and continuing with the large heat sink, power transformer and block capacitors also bolted directly to the chassis. A design that avoids unwanted vibrations, which translates into a powerful and highly expressive low-frequency response that allows you to feel the deep rhythm of the music.

Furthermore, to complete the solid rigidity of the receiver are its heavy-duty silver-plated brass feet, which firmly reinforce the rich low-frequency response and fill it with musicality.

Floating and balanced power amplifier

Equipped with the brand’s original amplifier technology, the power amplifier circuit, including the power supply, is completely independent of the ground, with the influence of voltage fluctuations being minimal, while ground noise is completely eliminated. external.

This circuit design brings multiple advantages, including the perfect symmetry of the pull-pull operation on the output stage, an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and overwhelmingly expressive power that perfectly extracts the sound of any musical instrument.

symmetrical construction

Likewise, the Yamaha R-N2000A has adopted a perfectly symmetrical folding book construction, with the power supply in the center and the power amp blocks at both ends of the head unit. This gives the unit the ideal weight balance and suppresses adverse effects between channels for outstanding channel separation. The result is a remarkably pure reproduction of every part of the sound just as it is.

Amazon Music HD, Spotify and more

Naturally, the R-N2000A is equipped with Yamaha’s original MusicCast network system, which makes it easy to listen to music anywhere in the home by linking multiple MusicCast devices with a single app on a smart device. In addition, it is compatible with a variety of streaming services such as Amazon Music HD and Spotify and enables streaming of Apple Music with Airplay 2, allowing you to fully enjoy exceptionally high quality sound unique to high-resolution sound sources without current losses with full fidelity.

details that matter

The elegant level meters are reminiscent of other times and add a nostalgic touch to the device. Specifically, they visually present the dynamics and pulse of the music, managing to provide a warm feeling through their softly lit LEDs. Added to this is a brilliant high-definition organic LED display located at the bottom of the front panel that displays the content being played.

Similarly, the receiver stands out for being HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) compatible, allowing you to connect it to your TV using a single cable. This entails the enjoyment of the audio contents of the TV under excellent sound quality, such as live broadcasts and music programs.

USB DAC function

Finally, in the R-N2000A receiver, an asynchronous transmission method has been adopted, and an ultra-precision dedicated clock crystal has been installed to improve signal accuracy. Also, it supports native DSD 11.2 MHz playback and 384 kHz playback, which means exceptional quality sound that makes the most of high-resolution audio sources.

RRP Yamaha R-N2000A: 3,699 euros (VAT included)