Yamaha presents MusicCast Bar 40 and MusicCast Bar 400

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Yamaha has announced two new soundbars on Wednesday. The Yamaha MusicCast Bar 40 and MusicCast Bar 400, with wireless subwoofer. Both soundbars integrate seamlessly into the Multiroom network with Yamaha MusicCast.

These are the MusicCast Bar 40 and MusicCast Bar 400

The Yamaha MusicCast Bar 40 offers support for DTS Virtual: X, making the home cinema experience to a higher level can be lifted by means of digital surround sound. With a wireless subwoofer, the Bar 400 adds a little extra and creates a full sound decor with powerful bass. Both soundbars support the multiroom network from Yamaha are optionally expandable with surround speakers and offer numerous connectivity options, such as hdmi and bluetooth.

All devices integrated in the local Multiroom network communicate with each other so that every source is available in every space. For example, the MusicCast Bar 40 and the Bar 400 in the living room can also play music that is streamed from a smartphone, Mac, PC or NAS. High-resolution files are also displayed in their full splendor, including flac, wav and aiff with up to 192 kHz / 24-bit and Apple Lossless with up to 96 kHz / 24-bit. It does not stop there.

Thanks to MusicCast surround, the current Yamaha soundbars are flexible when the surround system is expanded. For a more spacious sound, the compatible speakers MusicCast 50 or MusicCast 20 can be added at any time as a wireless surround speaker. The innovative and accessible MusicCast surround system also allows the expansion of the MusicCast Bar 40 with the compatible wireless subwoofer MusicCast Sub 100 for an extra layer of bass sound.

The soundbars can be placed freely and are low enough so that they do not standing in front of the image. They are also suitable for mounting on the wall. They also offer some of the connectivity options. Sources can be played via HDMI, optical digital, via Bluetooth or WLAN and via AirPlay. The Yamaha Compressed Music Enhancer increases the sound quality so that every output material sounds livelier and more powerful. In addition, it is optimized for improving music when playing via bluetooth.

Price and availability

The Yamaha MusicCast soundbars will be available in specialist shops from September 2018. The recommended retail price is 499.00 euros for the MusicCast Bar 40 and 699.00 euros for the MusicCast Bar 400, both including VAT.