YAMAHA NS-2000A – Speaker Systems

The NS-2000A is a new generation of speaker crafted by Yamaha. Fusing exquisitely rich aesthetics with the latest advanced technologies.

YAMAHA NS-2000A: sound in its purest essence

Only Yamaha could create it: a loudspeaker that has fused an exquisitely rich aesthetic with the latest and most advanced technologies, delivering a unified and balanced sound field that embraces musicality at its very core.

Floor standing, HiFi and with three channels, it allows you to enjoy unforgettable, totally immersive experiences, thanks to the integration of a 30 mm dome tweeter and two 16 cm boomers, among its most outstanding components. In addition, a new material, Harmonious Diaphgram, has been used for its membranes, with which a precise and faithful tonal expression is achieved throughout the audio spectrum.

Yamaha, a leading company in the manufacture of sound systems, has just presented the NS-2000A, a new floor-standing HiFi speaker in which it has combined cutting-edge technology and its proven musical know-how, together with the most refined aesthetics.

No one knows sound better than Yamaha. For this reason, it has been able to give life to a speaker like this. And it is that the famous Japanese brand is present from the moment sound is created through its musical instruments, now bringing it to our ears through a beautiful and demanding creation.

The elegance of the piano finish

By fusing an exquisitely rich aesthetic with the latest and most advanced technologies, the Yamaha NS-2000A is able to deliver a unified and balanced sound field that embraces musicality at its very core.

Thus, with its elegant appearance, the style of the piano has been fused with the design philosophy of the loudspeaker. Yamaha’s signature gloss finish has been applied to these speakers using the same process used on their grand pianos, a process reserved for a limited number of products in the Yamaha range. This elegant finish presents the speaker as a highly elegant piece of furniture, providing a rewarding feeling whether you are listening to your music or not.

Pure and powerful sound

Designed to magnify any sound signal, it is a three-way bass reflex column speaker built around a 30mm dome tweeter, with an 80mm dome midrange and two 16cm boomers.

perfectly unified tone

As a world-renowned musical instrument brand, Yamaha is committed to the mission of delivering the sounds of musical instruments just as they are. To make it happen, he created this flagship loudspeaker in order to achieve a uniform tonal color across the entire frequency spectrum. In this sense, it uses Harmonious DiaphgramTM, a new and exclusive material designed from a mixture of Zylon that has an excellent speed of sound, and spruce, the same that is used to manufacture the soundboards of its grand pianos. . This ensures precise and faithful tonal expression across the entire audio spectrum, making sound harmonies stand out and music appear richer and more beautiful.

Also, for the manufacture of its box, the firm has used the same techniques that it uses for its musical instruments, such as a laser vibrometer for FEM analysis.

Similarly, for his new columns he has used a resonator tube that eliminates residual waves and preserves the original dynamics, energy and realism of the music. It even has Mcap Supreme Classic capacitors made in Germany by the Mundorf company.

Tonal balance and rich sound

Reproducing sound elements like voices and instruments at the right key requires passion and precision. Yamaha has done this by balancing tonal balance, enriching harmonies, and recreating musicality to help the listener hear sounds they couldn’t before.

In this way, he has taken into account the position of the artist and the instrument, as well as the sound details of the atmosphere of the space itself, which are reproduced perfectly. What’s more, the brand’s patented resonance suppression system causes the chambers to be mounted to the rear of the tweeter and midrange units, in order to faithfully express even the finest nuances of musical instruments and vocals. .

The firm has also corrected the usual way of removing standing waves. Conventional loudspeakers use a large amount of sound-absorbing material in order to eliminate these waves within the cabinet. Unfortunately, in doing so they also take away much of the inherent freshness of the music. That’s why, in the case of the Yamaha NS-2000A, a patented acoustic-absorbing resonator tube has been used to eliminate standing waves while minimizing the amount of absorbent material, so the original realism of the music is reproduced. with energy and dynamism.

Thanks to all this, with this new speaker the natural sound is revived and the smallest musical nuances of the original source are maintained.

RRP Yamaha NS-2000A: 3,499 euros/unit (VAT included)