Yamaha CD-S303 CD player with USB connection

Yamaha has a heart for friends of the "good old CD": With the new CD-S303

Yamaha has a heart for friends of the “good old CD”: With the new CD-S303 there is a puristic turner for silver discs, which in a special version can also be used in studio racks – and it also appreciates data from an external data carrier.

Yamaha CD-S303: technology and concept

The Yamaha CD-S303 is basically a classic CD player, which not only plays normal CDs and CD-RW data carriers, but also plays music from storage media via its front USB port. The formats MP3, WMA, LPCM, AAC and FLAC are supported – up to 96 kHz / 24 bit. The CD-S303 can also be used as a pure drive – there is one optical and one coaxial S / PDIF output.

Yamaha CD-S303 rear side: The digital signal of the drive can be picked up in S / PDIF format

The drive installed in the middle of the housing and a vibration-dampening power supply unit are intended to reduce mechanical influences on the scanning unit as much as possible. In addition, the new Yamaha turner is equipped with separate power supplies for the digital and analog sections as well as the motor drive.

Yamaha CD-S303 in the rack version

The rack version of the CD-S303 – in the classic 19-inch size

It gets particularly puristic when you press the Pure Direct switch: Then the display and digital outputs are switched off – so that the electronics can work even more undisturbed.

For a small surcharge, the player is also available in an RK version with rack ears – practical for use in the studio or sound reinforcement area.

Price Yamaha CD-S303: 349 euros
Price Yamaha CD-S303RK: 379 euros