Xiaomi Mi Air Charge promises to really charge smartphones wirelessly

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge bring a revolution in smartphone world by introducing a new warless charging system, charging from anywhere inside home.
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When you have the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge at home, you do not have to place your phone in a specific place in the house for wireless charging, so promises the manufacturer. So you have none here separate holder (like OnePlus 8T) or a magnet (like iPhone) necessary for.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

So you could just walk around the house, while the Mi Air Charge provides your phone with constant power. The system knows exactly where the Xiaomi smartphone is and can direct energy in that direction. A total of 144 antennas work together to charge the phone, using a technology called beamforming. This is a technology with which a wireless signal can be sent directly to a device.



The phone that you want to charge with it must also have a special receiver. In this case, it is a miniscule set of antennas that can pick up and process the signal. One of the two antennas can convert the signals into energy, so that the smartphone is charged.

The Xiaomi Mi Charge is able to charge a phone with a speed of five watts within a few meters. Several devices can also be charged at the same time at the same speed, but it is not clear whether they all need to be close by. The manufacturer states that physical objects that would stand in the way have no effect on speed and efficiency. So if you have such a charging station in your home and devices that support it, it should work as advertised.

The intention is that the wireless charging technology will soon be present in a wide range of products, such as smartwatches, speakers, desk lamps and other smart home products. However, the current implementation is still a demo and will not be on the market in 2021.

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