xCloud streaming is coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If you're using the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game plan then you are in luck as Microsoft streaming service xCloud is coming on Xbox Game Pass.
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If you’re using the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate game plan, you’re in luck, xCloud on Xbox Game Pass will be added, as it comes with something extra from September. Microsoft’s streaming service xCloud is added to it. An important step, because it means you can stream games without downloading them. Considering current network developments, streaming is seen as the future of gaming.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is the subscription that gives Xbox or PC gamers access to a whole library of games. After collecting the fixed monthly amount, gamers can download and play those games throughout the month. This can often take longer, but there are also games that sometimes disappear from the service. Fortunately, games are often added, including even brand new games. For example, all Xbox Game Studios games appear to launch immediately on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

There is also a more luxurious version of the Xbox Game Pass subscription, namely Ultimate. It allows gamers to use both the console version and the PC version of the service. In terms of library, there is some difference between the two. Xbox Live Gold is also part of the Xbox Game Pass Premium subscription. This is necessary to play console titles online.

Lots of terms, but there is one more: xCloud. Project xCloud is Microsoft’s streaming platform under development. This means that gamers no longer have to download games before they can play, but can play directly via their internet connection. It connects to a server on which the game is installed.

xCloud Live in September

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has now revealed that xCloud will be part of Game Pass Ultimate from September. Moreover, no additional subscription money is requested for this: this will become part of at least Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs € 12.99 per month. The regular Xbox Game Pass subscription costs € 9.99 per month. In total, the two services already account for more than 10 million members.

More than 100 Game Pass games will soon be streamable via xCloud, although it is still unclear which games this concerns. It is not the case that xCloud only works with PC or Xbox consoles: there is now fully tested on Android phones to ensure that you can also bring that same gaming experience to the smartphone. On which other platforms xCloud needs to become more available, for example the browser, that is still unknown.