Xbox Series X shortages can persist for months

Xbox series launched last week but there is shortage of Xbox in the market and Xbox series X shortage continue till April 2021.
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Last week the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S occurred. Had you placed a pre-order, you may already have one because as you have heard that there is shortage of Xbox in the market and Xbox series X shortages continue till April 2021.

Xbox Series X shortages continue through April

But what if you have not yet managed to purchase an Xbox Series X? Then we have bad news, as a Microsoft representative has now said the shortages could last for months. That’s what Xbox finance chief Tim Stuart said during Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Virtual Conference (via Seeking Alpha). The deficits may persist beyond the holidays and the third financial quarter, which runs through the end of March 2021.

This statement is not very strange. Aside from the usual statements like “this is the best Xbox launch yet”, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also tried to dampen expectations for Xbox Series X supplies. The CEO has said that the shortages will in any case continue until the end of October. In his statement, Spencer said that Microsoft is currently dealing with more demand than supply. Apologies are also offered for this. Subsequently, Spencer also said it could be months before everyone has a Series X who wants one now.

That’s annoying for gamers, but there’s hope on the horizon. The situation regarding the stocks of the Xbox Series X and Series S may therefore change early next year. When the fourth financial quarter, from April 2021, kicks off, stocks must be up to standard. The supply will then have to match the demand much better, according to the promise.

Microsoft is not the only game company or company that releases game-related products that is struggling with shortages. It is also very difficult to get a PlayStation 5 this week; this applies to anyone who wants to have a normal or a digital version.