Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5: Unclarity about HDR

Unclarity about HDR on Xbox Series X and PS5: There is still confusion regarding Xbox X and PS5 about the HDR support in their consoles.
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Both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 support HDR10 in a broad sense: that applies to streaming apps, games and UHD Blu-ray. but still there is unclarity about HDR on Xbox Series X and PS5

Unclarity about HDR on Xbox Series X and PS5

It is not surprising that both game consoles have this as a basis: HDR10 is after all the basis that every television with HDR support offers. If we look at the different formats, such as HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, there is still a lot of confusion. What do the new game consoles support or not?

Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox Series X will offer support for Dolby Vision in apps from streaming service and in video games (but only from 2021). There is also support for HDR10 + to a certain extent, but unfortunately nothing is known about it yet. However, the Series X does not currently offer Dolby Vision when you insert UHD Blu-rays into the device. That reports Digital Foundry’s John Linneman on Twitter, as well as several people who already own a copy (usually members of the press). It is of course possible that Dolby Vision for blu-rays will be added at a later time.

The situation of the PlayStation 5 is not clearer. Sony has not announced anything at all regarding Dolby Vision support. Nor that such support can be added at a later time. So don’t be surprised if you will not see a Dolby Vision image when you put an uhd blu-ray disc in the more expensive version of the game console. This is not entirely in line with Sony’s policy for its televisions, most of which do offer support for Dolby’s HDR standard.

It is of course possible that Sony will add such support at a later time, but nothing has been announced about that yet. Whether the PS5 will offer support for HDR10 + seems completely uncertain, because Sony prefers not to put any of its competitors in its own hardware.

The fact that these powerful game consoles do not support Dolby Vision when you watch an UHD Blu-ray, is perhaps not the biggest problem at the moment. Because with the normal HDR format you still get to see beautiful images. But it is strange to say the least, since cheaper Blu-ray players can offer such support.