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Xbox One and Andriod – Xbox One games stream to Android smartphone for free

Microsoft is releasing a new version of the Xbox app for Android, which now allows you to stream Xbox One games to your smartphone.

Xbox One and Andriod : Stream Xbox One games to your Android

Previously, that feature was called Console Streaming. This feature allows you to stream your installed Xbox One games to your Android smartphone. This is slightly different from Project xCloud, which is now called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The latter subscription allows you to stream all games within that subscription to your smartphone (or an Xbox game console), while you play the games on your own hard drive with the new Xbox app.

While this is enough to get excited about, that’s not the only addition to the new Xbox app for Android. For example, there is now also a renewed design, which borrows elements from the new dashboard design for the Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Series X and Series S. The next generation of Xbox consoles will receive a special button that allows you to immediately share gameplay and the app. Android allows you to do something with that immediately before uploading the video or screenshot to social media.

Additionally, you can use the app to set up your new Xbox Series X and Series S when they release in November. Not only do you get access to the settings of the consoles, you can also manage your downloads here, for example. You use the app as a kind of remote control for your console, you can download and delete games and manage your library.

You can now download the latest version of the Xbox app from Google Play for your smartphone and tablet. Microsoft does not report the iOS version of the app, but it too should get the update soon. However, whether you can still stream your games to your iPhone or iPad is unlikely .

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