Xbox Game Pass increasingly popular, now has 3m additional subscribers

Xbox Game Pass is getting more popular day by day as it has passed the mark of three million addition subscriber with total eighteen million subscribers
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Xbox Game Pass is sometimes described as Netflix for video games, while that comparison is not entirely correct. You do not stream the content, but download a game to the hard drive of one of your Xbox game consoles, such as the Series X.

Xbox Game Pass does not harm

The game subscription now has eighteen million subscribers. That’s three million more subscribers since Microsoft last released the numbers. In September the counter was still up fifteen million. At the time, the number of subscribers increased by fifty percent. With the subscription you get access to more than a hundred games (the offer changes continuously, sometimes games disappear). You pay 9.99 euros per month for that. There is also an option available that combines Xbox Live Gold with Game Pass. Then the costs are 12.99 euros per month.

This isn’t all Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had to say about the Xbox division. It is also true that Xbox Live currently has more than 100 million active users who log in monthly. In addition, the CEO does not want to miss the opportunity and the message comes out that the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S is the most successful Xbox console launch ever. Never before have so many devices been sold in the launch period.

Lately, Microsoft has also invested heavily in Xbox Game Pass. For example, you can often participate in a promotional period, which gives you access to the subscription for only one euro. The company also has one deal with Disney + and it is true that some game studios have recently been bought. This can significantly increase the range of exclusive games on the Xbox platform. Game Pass can be used on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Windows 10.