Xbox cloud gaming is coming to iOS in spring of 2021

Microsoft announced that in the coming sparing, Xbox cloud gaming will be available and work on Apple's mobile operating system
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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox cloud gaming platform is coming to Apple’s mobile operating system in the spring of 2021. Cloud gaming is part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that launched several months ago. On Apple products it works through the web browser.

Apple’s App Store

After we wrote in October that Apple and Microsoft are increasingly looking for cooperation, while the two superpowers are still at odds about details. For example, Microsoft actually wanted to launch the service within the App Store, but due to the regulations of the App Store, it has decided not to do so. Initially, Apple did not allow other game streaming services to be in at all App Store.

This has since changed, but Apple requires companies that want to offer such a streaming service to make a separate page within the App Store of each game. In addition, there are other problems that Microsoft faces, which has led it to abandon the App Store entirely. It chooses the browser, avoiding Apple’s application store. For example, Apple users can game on the cloud with their iPhone or iPad.

Xbox cloud gaming

Microsoft writes: “The expansion of Xbox to new players is central to our ambition to give games and developers an easy way to the world’s 3 billion gamers. We do this by embracing multiple devices and providing a consistent Xbox experience wherever you log in. Whether on your Xbox Series X or S, PC, Xbox One, Android device or – from spring 2021 – your Windows PC and iOS device from the cloud. ”

Not that it will be a full launch in the spring of 2021, because Microsoft says it is a beta. In any case, the service is slightly different on iOS, because you cannot stream games directly from your console like in the Xbox app. Microsoft is approaching it about the same as Amazon, which also offers its Luna streaming service to Apple users via the web. Google Stadia also has these plan.

In short, despite the fact that Apple has changed its streaming services policy, this has not necessarily ensured that streaming services find the App Store. The only question is whether gamers will soon be able to find the streaming services, if they are not – as standard – in an app store, but work from the browser.