Xavian Virtuosa Anniversary Loudspeakers

Introducing Xavian Virtuosa Anniversary Loudspeakers


Virtuosa Anniversario: the ultimate solution in a limited edition of just 50 pairs.

“I designed these speakers so that you would always yearn for music in every moment, just as I did at the beginning of my career.”
Roberto Barletta

The Virtuosa Anniversario project is the first in the world to use the latest generation of transducer technology, allowing music to unfold to a degree never before possible. The dynamics, precision, and clarity of the Ellipticor range are second to none. With the Virtuosa Anniversario, you can have the best that the world of playback technology today has to offer in your home, and we’re proud to be the first in the world to offer a mass-produced model fully equipped with Ellipticor transducers with such a design uncompromising in sound quality level. The Virtuosa Anniversario was created to celebrate our iconic and popular Virtuosa model and as a journey into the most remote and previously hidden corners of music without technical limitations.


  • First mass-produced loudspeakers equipped only with Scan-Speak Ellipticor drivers
  • Scan-Speak Ellipticor Ultimate Danish Drivers
  • Innovative and original design: the crossover does not use any capacitor
  • Acoustic phase alignment of drivers using front panel XN geometry
  • Exceptional impulse response
  • Outstanding sound scene
  • Exceptional organic sound
  • exceptional naturalness
  • Precise, “ultra-strength” military-grade ribbon Danish coils using a copper element in the heat sink – drivers are equalized using only 5 components
  • The best capacitor is “capacitors” – the filter does not use any capacitor at all
  • High sensitivity and vitality of the sound
  • Virtuosa allows you to discover new colors and new tones in your recordings
  • Also recommended for tube amps
  • Handcrafted inert cabinet using precise interior reinforcements and bituminous damping layers
  • Removable protective grid by powerful magnets (optional)
  • Driver matching with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB
  • Simple installation of any special customer tips: M8 threads available
  • Accepts bi-wiring and bi-amping
  • Integrated Soundcard tips (removable)
  • Solid elliptical bass-reflex front port with high efficiency and low distortion
  • Unit weight of 51 kg
  • Collector’s value due to a limited edition of 50 pairs only