World Cup 2018 in 4K Ultra HD and HDR at the NPO

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We sometimes complain that the Netherlands is lagging behind when it comes to new standards and techniques in the field of TV, but fortunately Dutch broadcasters and providers sometimes also show up front. This week the NPO has announced that it will broadcast the World Cup in Russia in the 4K Ultra HD resolution and even HDR.

During the World Cup in Russia a special version of NPO 1 will be made available to various providers. Depending on whether these providers support and want to pass on the channel, subscribers can then watch the World Cup in the high 4k Ultra HD resolution and HDR (high dynamic range). These are providers that offer content via the cable, satellite and IPTV

Besides the fact that the provider to which you must be connected must facilitate the transfer must also support your hardware 4K Ultra HD (and HDR). This means that the set-top box of, for example, KPN or Ziggo must be able to process the signal. If you have a smart card then only support in the TV itself is needed. In the field of HDR support for hybrid log gamma (HLG) is required.

The NPO sees the special NPO 1 channel with 4K Ultra HD and HDR as an experiment for the time being. The broadcaster wants to see what it takes to get images in this quality at people’s homes.