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Works with Home Assistant – to work better and shows quality mark

Home Assistant wants to work better with manufacturers and shows quality mark by introducing Works with Home Assistant update.

Works with Home Assistant  update- You are undoubtedly familiar with the stickers on many smart home products, such as ‘Works with the Google Assistant or Works with Alexa’. Home Assistant now also comes with such a quality mark. In a press release, the team behind the open source home automation software announced that it is now integrated with more than a thousand different APIs. Most of these integrations are created and maintained by the smart home software community. However, there are also some manufacturers who have taken action themselves to integrate their products with Home Assistant.

According to the team, this does not go well in all cases. After an initial release, there are sometimes no more updates or products that are suddenly no longer supported. The team now wants to protect its own users, so that they no longer invest in products that afterwards do not work so well with the smart home software.

Works with Home Assistant

The team is therefore launching the ‘Works with Home Assistant’ program. Companies that remain committed to the smart home software and the community can receive such a quality mark. Nice for the companies and even better for the community, because they know where they stand thanks to the quality mark. There are various ‘stickers’ that companies can earn and the quality mark immediately shows the consumer via which protocol the product can be linked to the smart home software. Look at the Home Assistant website for more information about the new label.